Visiting Turkey

Have you ever been to Turkey? These are some helpful tips for visiting one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations:

Do I require a Visa for my travels? Tourists do require a visa. This visa allows you to stay 90 days of 180. The Turkish airports no longer sell them, so you’ll need to apply for one online at the official website before your trip. Check that your passport has at least 90 remaining days before expiration. When you need luxury accommodation, consider Villas in Kas. For Villas in Kas, visit Kas4Villas.

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Do you need to be vaccinated? In the past, travellers would have received a vaccination for travel to Turkey. This is no longer true. The only vaccinations that doctors recommend are hepatitis A and tetanus. This is for all travel.

Do women have to wear a scarf on their head? Although most resorts on the Turkish coast are liberal, it’s recommended that you dress modestly when visiting rural areas and traditional villages. If you plan to visit a Muslim mosque, then you’ll need to cover up your head.

Toilets – Many places in Turkey use squat toilets. Most restaurants, bars and hotels have western style toilets. You will see squat-style toilets in rural Turkey. They are also available at modern airports like Dalaman and Izmir. Don’t worry if you have to use one. You’ll get used to it quickly.

Money – Before you travel, familiarise yourself with the Turkish Lira’s coin and note forms. Banks and shops in Turkey will offer a better rate of exchange than those at airports or UK agencies. Tell your bank if you plan to use a credit card in Turkey. This will prevent them from putting any restrictions on the card while you are away. In populated areas, cash machines are available everywhere.

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Wi-Fi – You may find that using your own network is very expensive. Instead, you should use the Wi-Fi available in most Turkish hotels, bars, and restaurants. Remember that these networks are public, which means security and privacy may be compromised. Turkish mobile companies offer hotspots for up to ten devices. This is a good option for families travelling.

Water – It will be a pleasant surprise to know that Turkish tap water is extremely clean. This is because it has been treated by various sanitation methods. It does, however, have a very high calcium content which gives it an unpleasant taste. It is best to purchase bottled water in shops, as Turks do.

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