Tips for organizing an original wedding

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The day of your wedding has to be unique, special and as not, original. If you want to have a really special memory of an original wedding, different and also surprise your guests. I’ll give you a few tips to give you an idea of how to organize your wedding as original as possible.

Tips for organizing a wedding

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The wedding invitations

If you want to surprise your guests from the first moment, the best way is to make different wedding invitations to what all couples do. We usually make some invitations with the photos of the pre-wedding and the truth is that they are super original and personal. But even if you want to be more original you can still make a video invitation and upload it to any platform or social networks and share it with your friends.

Have details of complicity between you

When organizing your wedding and setting the dates and times of the event you can play with the dates you met or an anniversary that is important to you. At the time of the ceremony, you can set the time when the groom was declared and asked the bride to be married, bone, if it was declared at 19.00 pm the ceremony time could be at the same time.

Original gifts for the guests

Putting bottles of fresh water at the exit of the church or where the ceremony is held is a very good idea and original. Also, a couple of basket with cakes with your names and the date of the event is the “More.” To surprise the guests.

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A tree for the footprint of the guests. A nice way to remember all the guests is to receive them and asking them to leave their mark and a word in this tree and thus, you will have a pleasant memory of this very different day.

Also at the table of your guests, you can surprise. A personalized handwritten message for your family and close friends would be a very emotional moment worthy of being photographed.

Choose a good wedding photographer

Of course, the wedding photographer has to take care of collecting all the moments in the most emotive and original way possible. A good wedding photographer does not have to be ” expensive ” but if you have to value your work and more to be attentive to all the details from the most important to the most insignificant.

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Your personal style can be seen in the decoration of the place of celebration. If your wedding is civil outdoors, you have very easy, you can buy giant letters, “lanterns” and get without much effort a very original wedding. If on the other hand, your wedding is in a room you can ask for help from a wedding planner who will surely help you.


Balloons can give a lot of color and originality to a wedding. Some that are especially for the couple and others for the guests, also much more placed in strategic mode to give many colors to the event

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