Three Garden Jobs Before Winter Arrives

The autumn months are here, and the weather is noticeably changing – here are three things to do in your garden before the winter arrives…

Pruning your shrubs and trees is a job that is ideally done in the autumn. The reason for doing this is because at this time of the year the plant is lying dormant as opposed to growing, so the risk of causing it a damage is much lower. For larger trees, it is better to get a professional such as this tree surgeon Poole based as it can be a dangerous job to undertake yourself if you are unsure what you are doing.

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Caring for the wildlife is most important during the winter months – birds struggle to find food in the winter, and with many of the native birds declining in numbers, it is good to help them as much as you can in the winter by providing them with food. Set up a bird table and replenish it daily with food and water – try out different foods and feeders – from seeds to fat balls, as this may attract a larger variety.

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The garden fencing is also particularly vulnerable over these months – high winds and storms are common in the winter and could easily blow down a weak fence. Check all around your garden boundary for weak spots and you can then make repairs to these areas before the worst of the weather sets in.