The most important roads in Britain.

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What are the most important roads in Britain? At first you’d probably think that it is the Motorways and while they are all incredibly important to the infrastructure of the country, the M6 and M4 in particularly, there are other main roads, the A roads that play a vital part to the running of the country. For example, without them the work of Same Day Courier Birmingham service would be nigh on impossible. If you have a package that needs to be moved why not check their website out at the link included.

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It was decided in the 1960’s by the famous Doctor Beechings’ report that the future of the country lay in a decent and fast road network. While this basically meant the end for the need for the regional and local rail network it did open up the possibility of the expansion of the roads. The use of the car, truck and van were becoming more and more commonplace anyway as the economy allowed the affordability of the car to the general  populace. Cars like the Ford Zephyr and the Austin Mini meant that car ownership was becoming widespread and the need to free the motorist out onto the open road was keenly felt.

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The A roads or Arterial roads where to be the life line that keeps the country moving. These had been developed in the early 1930’s and were confirmed by an Act of parliament in 1936. These roads would enable the motorist to roam the country plus it would allow the bus service to flourish and replace the train in terms of public transport.

The importance of the A road is classified by the lowness of the number following it. The A1, A2 A3 and A4 are all still major roads even though they have been replaced by the motorway system. The A4 is a prime example of this. The M4 simply follows it out of London and flows into Wales where it becomes a link off the A40. The A303 which runs down to Exeter also begins in London and stems from the route of the M3. This is not to say that the size of the number means that the route is not important. The A9, one for the longest roads in Britain comes out of from the M9, a link between Glasgow and Edinburgh. It runs from Perth all the way up through Scotland to Inverness and then up the Eastern shore line to John O Groats where it provides a much needed lifeline.

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