The benefits of laminate worktops

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Laminate worktops are the ideal choice for most kitchens. Whether you want a modern, rustic or classic look, laminate works every time. It offers huge benefits over real wood worktops, granite or composite. Here is a look at just a few of its advantages.

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Cheaper than real wood

Laminate worktops are an elegant wood-like choice that adds a delightful accent to your kitchen. Unlike wood, laminate is very affordable. Prices for laminate worktops start from as little as £15 per square metre, making them massively cheaper than all other options.

Easy to maintain

In addition to being cheaper than real wood, it’s also much easier to maintain. Real wood requires oiling every year and also rots very easily if you don’t keep it dry, and polished concrete or marble can crack and need repairing. Laminate is surprisingly durable and just needs cleaning in terms of maintenance.


Because laminate is a manufactured material, there are many more options when it comes to finish than with other choices. Whether you want something that looks like light wood, dark wood, medium wood, wide strips, slim strips, horizontal or vertical, there are hundreds of choices out there. Contrary to popular belief, it does not need to look cheap. There is so much choice that you can pay a bit more for truly excellent laminate that really looks the part.

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Laminate worktops, just like the laminate flooring that’s available from retailers such as, is highly durable. It was designed to last, and it can stand up for decades before showing any sign of degrading. It’s also far less likely to stain than real wood.


Because it does not soak up any moisture or have any natural cracks or uneven surfaces, laminate is a highly hygienic material that is perfect for use as a kitchen surface.

Fit it yourself

If you are trying to make as many savings a possible with your new kitchen, laminate is a great option as you can actually fit it yourself if you have DIY skills. Its lightweight nature even means you can collect and transport it from a depot on your own.

As you can see, laminate worktops offer a wealth of benefits that you simply can’t enjoy with other materials. It’s durable, affordable, hygienic, attractive and easy to look after.

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