Ultimate Guideline to the Best thermal paste for CPUs in 2023

Ultimate Guideline to the Best thermal paste for CPUs in 2023

PC enthusiasts often get confused about choosing the best thermal paste. Don’t be guys, we are here to choose the best ones for you. Read on this guide to find out the best thermal paste for your CPU.

Modern Computer produces heats a lot and its effects on CPUs performance. The performance of the system entirely depends on the temperature of the computer. Thermal paste makes the computer perform perfectly by decreasing the temperature.

Thermal paste is a fluid form. And this is made of a thermally conductive substance. Apply it between the CPU cooler and CPU. And it works mainly on dissipating heat. There are many different types of thermal paste available in the market and each of them has its own unique features. Thermal paste is based on many things such as carbon-based, liquid metal, metal-based and ceramic-based.

Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut

This thermal paste cooling brand is metal-based. The best thermal paste for performance but it is quite expensive. This liquid metal paste has superb thermal conductivity. Moreover, it can reduce your CPU temperature by 10 degrees. Make sure to clean your CPU thoroughly before applying it.

However, this paste should only use by experienced users or in a critical thermal conductivity system. Avoid applying on the aluminum material CPU surface.

This product is being delivered in a syringe that has a 1.0g paste and it is quite easy to apply. Its thermal resistance is 0.0021 K/W and its thermal conductivity rate is about 73 W/mk.

Arctic MX-4the Best thermal paste for CPUs  Arctic MX-4

Arctic MX-4 is carbon-based which makes the thermal conductivity of this paste rate high. This popular thermal paste comes at a cheap cost and it’s quite easy to use. It does not contain any metal-type components, as a result, there is no conduct electricity. It works really fast, after applying you will notice the drop of heating temperature which improves the CPU’s overall performance also. We can guaranty you that, after applying this paste you will get the best CPU performance. However, it’s not suitable for the overclockers. The thermal conductivity of this paste is 8.5 W/mK. Also, the longevity period is quite high as its lifespan is eight years.

Noctua NT-H1

Noctua NT-H1 thermal paste is ceramic-based. At an affordable price, this thermal paste gives the best performance possible. Moreover, after application, it can keep the CPUs heat down for five years and it has 3 years of shelf life.

This quality cooling solution is best for overclocking. Beginner or advanced builder anyone can use this product. However, it has few quality problems. The rate of thermal conductivity of this paste is 8.5 W/mK.


To reduce this heat for cooling down the CPU’s excessive heat, for better performance and longevity — you may need to buy the best thermal paste. Choosing the best thermal paste depends on many things. Different paste uses for a different system. If you choose the wrong thermal paste – your CPU will overheat and damage. So, it’s really important to choose the best thermal paste. We hope this article was helpful.

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