speed up PC with windows defrag

Speed ​​up the pc with windows defrag

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One of the many reasons why your computer starts to be slower than usual in the performance of normal work operations may be the need for windows defrag of the system.

In most cases, hearing about defragmentation causes different types of abdominal pain to the user who needs to do this procedure, but it is necessary to debunk the myth of the bad monster or the too complicated and dangerous operations to carry out on your computer. Keep reading: How in-store technology can help the workforce

How to speed up your PC with windows defrag

Speed ​​up the pc with windows defrag

To get an idea of the usefulness of a defragmentation, simply think of a normal archive of physical documents.
Yes, just the ones you use to work or to study, several dozens of papers piled up in your personal library!
When you are particularly busy and you need that particular document, you will not be too worried to rearrange all your papers according to the initial criteria, but with high probability, you will leave those sheets at the point most convenient to you when you need them later.

But in the long run this attitude will generate chaos, and – unless you’re a genius and need your beloved mess to find that photocopy – it will take you a lot more time to search for it in the midst of all that confusion!

The same thing happens to our PC, the normal operations of copy-paste, moving files, deleting and so on leaving a little ‘disorder in the disk, called in the jargon informatic fragmentation. And what is the solution? Of course, defragmentation, which is the process during which the system will put all our files in order. The result will be an improvement in PC performance that will be able to search, write and read files in a much simpler and faster way.

Defragmentation with Windows

Speed ​​up the pc with windows defrag

To defragment a computer we can, first of all, rely on the appropriate Windows tool. This tool is practically the same for all Windows versions starting from Vista, even if it is different the way to find it to use it.

In particular, for Windows 7 you will need to click Start and type in the search bar the term “defragmentation”, while in Windows 8 click on Search, then in Settings we will type “defragmentation” and finally select Defragment and Optimize units. From this point, the operation is almost identical.

Once in front of the defragmentation tool, just select the affected disk (if you are interested in defragmenting the PC just select disk C) and click on the Analyze Disk button. After the analysis of the system we will have the record of the degree of fragmentation of the disk: if it exceeds 10% it is necessary to proceed with the defragmentation, while with a degree of 2-3% it is not really necessary.

Warning: the defragmentation process may take a few minutes or hours depending on the size and fragmentation of the disk. Although this operation does not usually prevent the use of the PC, it is preferable to do it when we are not using it, as we may experience slowdowns in use.

In the event that the defragmentation of Windows does not satisfy us or we want to have more options or more information of the system, we can safely use one of the countless software suitable for the situation.

Defragmentation with Quicksys Disk Defrag (Portable)

Speed ​​up the pc with windows defrag

Do you need to defrag your PC but do not have the time or desire to install the appropriate software? With Quicksys Disk Defrag Portable you will have at your disposal a small, light but the extremely functional program that you can safely carry around on your pen drive if you do not install it!

It is a very simple version with an ‘ easy interface designed specifically for the less experienced that can defrag your PC in a few clicks and without problems.

Once opened, simply choose the disk to be defragmented, select it and make an analysis to understand the degree of fragmentation in which the files are placed. Then just click on Defrag and you’re done!

In the lower part of the program, we can easily guess what the disc is in, thanks to the legend with its various colors that give a glimpse of the situation at a glance. At the end of the analysis, the software itself will tell us whether defragmentation is necessary or not.

Defrag O & O defragmentation

speed up PC with windows defrag

An excellent program to defragment and optimize the PC is O & O Defrag, with an easy installation and just as easy configuration thanks to the quick configuration. As above, we select the interesting part and click on Analysis to start the disk analysis and understand if we really need to defragment or not.

O & O Defrag optimizes the system by rearranging file allocations, speeding up the writing and reading times of a file for a result that will benefit the performance of the PC.

Just click on Start and Optimize to start defragmentation or on Optimize Quick to start a quick defragmentation of the disk, if we do not have much time available or if it has not been too long since the last one. O & O Defrag works quietly in the background without slowing down the work on the pc too much.

Defragmentation with Defraggler

After the download, we can proceed to the simple installation clean, as we teach Piriform, a company known for another excellent utility for PC as CCleaner.

Directly from the initial screen we can have a quick report of the conditions of the disk and choose whether to defrag at all, or just some files (usually those with really large dimensions) or folders.

Even Defraggler is very light and essential, there are no frills or additional options, it is a tool that does what it just promises.

After the analysis of the disk, you can proceed to the complete defragmentation or to the fast one, but a very useful option is the planning that allows establishing when this important operation must be carried out even without our way.

From the planning, you can also choose whether the PC must be turned off once the defragmentation is finished or if we want to start one each time Windows starts (this is not recommended especially for those terminals that are already slow to start up). You may also like: http://ehsaaan.com/best-bluetooth-speakers-buy/

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