sensory business

How to make sensory business from your digital space?

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Neither taste nor smell can be enhanced in a digital communication strategy intensively. However, there is three other sensory business from which you can take full advantage to achieve greater recall of your brand in the mind of your target audience. And all this begins by determining certain elements:

Colors. It is recommended that you use a maximum of three colors. And do not forget that at least one must contrast. Textures They can be soft, rough … Mark your style.

Sound. It is not recommended that your website is loaded with endless songs or uncomfortable sounds. Be very careful about being heavy. Keep reading: How to Invest in Bitcoins | What it Bitcoins and is it safe?

Although the taste and smell are left out, you can also allude to them by reliving experiences that your clients lived in the past. For example, if you have a website of a hotel, you can use a slogan of the type: ” Do you remember the smell of the sea? ” It is very likely that the user who visited you activates their emotional memory and returns to that moment.

But above all, try to emphasize generating emotions. These are the ones that will make your brand key in the mind of the consumer.

Examples of sensory business

sensory business

1.- McDonald’s

Under the motto “Moments of joy”, McDonald’s launched a marketing action of the most successful worldwide. Although as you can see in the video, Warsaw was one of the cities chosen for the experience.

A very colorful bus stop was created, and the typical seats were replaced by musical buttons, similar to the keys of a piano. In this way, at the moment in which a person sits down, a musical note sounds. The purpose was to imitate the melody characteristic of the brand to win a discount.

2.- Ford

There are smells that stick in the minds of users. And they become the favorites of many. The smell of books, of freshly cut grass … The first thing that is done with something new is to enjoy its smell. And that’s where the idea for Ford’s sensory business campaign came from.

sensory business

It was created, nothing more and nothing less, than a scented perfume of a new product for used or second-hand cars. Maybe it was the touch they needed to be sold.

3.- McCain

Another example of sensory business is that of McCain. An ad was created where the person had to press a button. In doing so, he would receive in return a scent of freshly baked potatoes, a way to incite the public to consume.

In short, the mind of the human being never ceases to surprise and what you should have clear is that they not only sell promotions. You have to play with the emotions, the senses and the persuasion to achieve a greater impact and stay in the mind of the consumer longer.

But if you also put into practice your knowledge in digital marketing platforms that drive your campaigns, the results will be optimal. For this, nothing better than betting on a digital marketing platform as the director with which you can manage all your channels in a single tool. You may like also:

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