Unique Wedding Reception Favors

Wedding Reception Favors

When you’re getting married, you have a lot going on. You have to finalize the food, music and seating chart plans, and some things might fall to the wayside. One thing you don’t want to neglect is the thank you favors for your wedding reception. Your guests are taking time out of their busy schedules, and you want to thank them and show them how much you appreciate them. Instead of giving a thoughtless gift, consider doing something that will leave a bigger impact. Here are some unique favors you could give your guests at your reception.

Homemade Lotion

If you love to make your own lotion, you should consider giving it away as your favor. You could make large batches of different scents and then use small individual bottles to package the lotion in. You can contact a packaging and design solutions service to find the right size bottle for your lotion. They can even help you design a unique label, so your guests know what is in the bottle and what the scent is.


Keychains are a versatile gift because almost everyone can find a use for one, and they can be customized in a million different ways. If you’re getting married in the summer and you love flowers, consider getting a sunflower keychain with your initials and wedding date engraved on the back. Or, if you and your spouse love to be silly, opt for a funny saying on the keychain.

Homemade Vanilla

Another homemade favor that your guests will love is homemade vanilla. It does take a few months to prepare, so you’ll need to plan ahead, but it’s very straightforward. You can purchase cheap vanilla beans that you slice in half and place in a bottle of vodka. Typically, you should plan for two vanilla beans for every cup of vodka. Place the mixture in a dark spot for a few months, giving it a shake every once in a while. When the vodka is ready, portion it into small individual glass bottles and place a label on the outside.

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