Preparing For Your First Gun Purchase

Have you decided to purchase a self-defense weapon? Did you acquire an open or concealed carry permit? You may be excited to purchase your first weapon. However, you need to consider several things before you purchase your first weapon. These are a few tips to help you prepare to purchase your first firearm.

Identify Your Reasons

No one just decides to carry a weapon just because. You don’t just purchase the first weapon you think looks cool and start searching for ammunition for sale. You have a reason for purchasing your first firearm. You need to identify that reason clearly because it will determine the type of weapon you choose. For example, do you hope to protect your family and home, will you carry the weapon concealed, do you plan to participate in gun competitions or go skeet shooting, will you hunt or is your weapon an investment for collection purposes?

Determine Your Legal Right To Carry

Although the Second Amendment allows you to carry a weapon if you are a US citizen, some conditions do apply. For example, those who have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor are not legally allowed to carry weapons. Other restrictions include dishonorable discharges from the military, inditement for a crime, fugitive status, mental instability and known drug abuse.

Research Your State Laws

Every state has different gun laws. Therefore, whether you have a carry permit or not, you need to learn about your state’s laws concerning owning and carrying a weapon. This is especially important if you will be crossing state lines with a weapon because what may be legal in your state may be illegal in your neighboring state.

Some states, such as Alaska and Kentucky, don’t require a permit to carry a weapon, but some may have conditions. For example, North Dakota only allows residents to carry, and their weapons must be concealed. Other states require a permit for open or concealed carry. Learn about your state and city’s gun laws, and speak with a reputable gun dealer if you need clarification.

Passing the Second Amendment milestone is exciting, but being a responsible gun owner means taking the time to prepare yourself and ensuring that you follow any applicable laws.

Jack Henry

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