How to Replace Bearings on a Full Suspension Bike Easy Way

Replace Bearings on a Full Suspension Bike Easy Way

Everyone in this article, we’re going to say how much time it’s going to take me to solve the bearings for this frame behind me, without any special tools as we are already, the bench let’s get to the article.

First Step

Here we have everything we’re going to need to remove the bearings. I’m going to use these sockets and these long bolts here with this washer.

I also have prepared two spanners and this ratchet with these two sockets here, uh, when we remove them, I would like to clean the insights with some alcohol here.

We have the new bearings and I also put some loop on the new bearing and it’s going easier.

I’m going to start by removing all the bearings and then gonna insert the new ones. First, for this bigger bearing here, I’ll need a bigger socket, a socket that fits over here and the bearing can go in.

Let’s remove this bolt from here. This slide is over. So, on one side, I’m going to use the spanner. Who holds the bolt and on the other side, I’m going to use the ratchet, tighten it?

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Simple as that second bearing is out. For this more bearings, we’re going to use us more socket again, the same boat, but also a smaller spacer.

I’m going to put it the same for the rest and continue from there. Now I’m going to use them, as a problem of coal to clean the place where the bearing sets so that we can remove any dust or any nails.

You see how much dirt was in there and the new beddings slide in easily. I’m also going to use this, screwdriver just to try and move fast and anything else remaining on the inside where the bedding sets so that it can go as fast as possible.

Second Step

I think this will be as clear as I can get it and it stands for put the bearings backend for the smaller ones. I’m going to start with this Allen bolt and this big washer.

Make sure that they start going evenly on both sides and then probably I’m going to finish them off with a socket that matches the size of the bearing.

Let’s see how it goes. I have my big washer, then I’m going to put the bedding and going to put the washer on the other side,

A 15-millimeter socket and you can see it goes in smoothly. It also fits well over the bearing.

No, I’m going to finish it off with the socket, align everything again and make sure everything is centered. Put the two spanners on.

You cannot hear it, but it’s probably this one. You can probably hear a bit of grinding noise. I’m going to do the same for the rest of the bearings and cashew after that.

what a satisfying project. This was in just 15, 20 minutes. I managed to change the bearings on this frame without using any special tools, just a few sockets, and bolts and that was pretty easy.


So, if you would be interested in that, please stay tuned until then. I think this will be it for this article as always. All of you please, where did this a helmet stay safe and I’ll see you in the next one.

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