Six advantages of buying a new-build home

There are factors that can make buying a new-build home the best option for people scouring the housing market; for example, some people don’t want a home that needs a wide variety of modernisation or repair work, so they look for a home that is ready to move into. Let’s look at six advantages of buying a new-build home.

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1. A blank canvas

One reason people buy a new build is that it gives you a blank canvas when decorating – there is no stripping of old wallpaper or filling of holes in walls before the painting can start. You can choose the style you want and apply it to your new home straight away.

2. Luxury

A large bath, high-powered shower and open-plan kitchen are just some of the bonuses of buying a new-build home. These luxuries can be a factor in the purchase of a new-build, which is why savvy home buyers survey Watford and other areas to find these things.

3. Low maintenance

With new-builds comes the advantage of low maintenance. New-builds are usually built to a high specification, with items such as uPVC doors and windows that won’t need the same level of maintenance as their older counterparts.

4. Repairs

Alongside low maintenance comes a longer period without essential repairs. Due to the aforementioned high specifications that these new-builds comply with, you can rest assured that everything should be working correctly when you move into your new home. You also have the peace of mind that things such as the wiring, fixtures and appliances will be under a warranty as they are brand new.

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When searching for a well-constructed, modern and affordable new-build, many home buyers survey Watford, Barnet and the surrounding areas for their ideal new home.

5. No chain

When you move home, you are often part of a chain and can be left waiting for other homeowners to find their new home before you can move into yours. This can be time-consuming and very frustrating for both parties; what’s more, it can severely delay the process and even create costs along the way. With a new-build home, you don’t have any of this. Companies that provide conveyancing and a home buyers survey Watford can advise you on the process to get you in your new-build as soon as possible.

6. Efficiency

Don’t forget about efficiency. Older homes won’t be as energy-efficient as a new build, which in some cases can be up to six times more efficient. The knock-on effect for you as a buyer is that this can save you money on energy bills year after year.

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