Parents blamed for children playing on historic monument in Hull

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Beverley Gate is the only remaining section of an ancient historic monument in Hull. It was first constructed as a walled defence for the city by Edward II in the 14th century, with the gates and towers added shortly afterwards.

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300 years later, and with King Charles I on the throne, tension was growing between parliament, which held the public spending purse strings, and the king, who needed their money but resented the right this granted them to have a say in how things were run.

Heading for civil war

The king had long had his eye on a large haul of munitions being stored in Hull. As the prospect of war grew more likely, he planned to seize the city along with the arms it contained; however, he was outwitted, arriving at the city gates to find an armed welcoming committee that refused him entry. Shortly after, the civil war, which would last for nine long years, began.

From ruins to public treasure

As the only remaining visible section of the city wall, Beverley Gate – discovered again in the 1980s – is incredibly precious to the area; in 2016, it was recognised as a key monument by Historic England. The gate has never been fenced off, instead relying on two notices politely requesting that people do not enter the area or climb on it. Unfortunately, shortly after part of the site was re-opened following a period of general refurbishment and some serious lobbying by local pressure groups that opposed the entire area being filled in and lost forever, there is a new storm brewing.

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The perils of open access

It is unusual for such an important historic site to be so open to the public, as such a move depends on the entire community cooperating to respect and protect the remaining structure. This has not been the case, recently at least, with reports of youngsters climbing and playing on the ruins, risking damage to the brickwork rather than sticking to wooden climbing frames from suppliers such as Specialist climbing frames enable children to climb for fun and stay safe.

Locals are blaming poor parenting, as in many cases they are sitting close by as their offspring risk damaging a precious artefact forever.

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