How the laptops saved us in lockdown

Faced with the unfortunate realities of COVID  it seemed like many businesses would fail and even larger organisations would struggle to be able to operate during the lockdown period.  This immediately put many people’s jobs at risk and it was certainly a worrying time.  The threat of redundancy loomed large for a sizable part of the population as even though they were working for big organisations there was still a chance that they would make their employees redundant only to re-employ them with new contracts later on.  This was still a costly operation for everybody involved so how could the population start working again and remain in their homes?

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The answer came in the form of a laptop.  If the company could purchase laptops in bulk order then they could be shipped out to employees homes.  These laptops would be specifically for work related activity under the understanding with the employee that this should be their only purpose. For companies it meant looking to get Cheap Laptops, possibly Refurbished Laptops, at a good price.

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With these laptops in the home employees were able to start to contribute to the business and the economy again.  However, one slightly unforeseen circumstance that has come out of the use of laptops in the home is the sudden rise and demand for continued homeworking.  As big companies attempt to get their people back into the office it seems that many are clinging on to the laptops and wanting the new status quo to remain.

Niru Eilish

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