Indestructible Nokia 3310

The return of the “Indestructible Nokia 3310”

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The classic cell phone that was characterized by its reliable battery life and by having the addictive game of the celebrity returns in 2017.

The Nokia 3310 will have a new version the return of the “indestructible Nokia 3310”

The legendary Nokia 3310 phone is on the list of ten best-selling cell phones in history, we all remember its characteristics as durability, good signal, shock resistance, battery life and the popular Snake game.

Indestructible Nokia 3310
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Nokia has in its list of cell phones several models that have been a hallmark of the brand and that, even today, are remembered with nostalgia. Perhaps that was the feeling that the Finnish company resorted to betting on the relaunch of a model that, they have anticipated, will have the same characteristics of the first model.

While today’s dominant market players are Apple and Samsung

Nokia wants to become a top player again and reduce the advantage that other competitors have taken in the last decade.

As already known, Nokia suffered a sharp decline in revenue and the valuation of its shares remained on the floor after Apple’s entry in 2007 in the mobile market. iPhone has certainly revolutionized and redesigned the way we use cell phones in our lives and still continues to do so today.

With the alliance of Samsung and Google, adopting the Android operating system, the Korean company would establish itself as the main competition for Apple, and thus, Nokia was losing the market that for several years dominated. But he did not give up. In 2011, Nokia signed an alliance with Microsoft and launched the Lumia and Windows Phone models, then in 2014, Microsoft acquired the entire company.

Nokia has gone through several restructurings since then, now preparing to go back through the big door with four new models, incorporating the Android operating system. One of them is the Nokia 6, which has high expectations and is already a success in sales in China where the launch was anticipated.

Indestructible Nokia 3310
Image source: google

The new Nokia 3310 is another release that is eagerly awaited, and not for less because those who had the opportunity to use it known that was a model of quality. However, you have to wait for the adjustments that would include the new model.

Technology experts predict that the 3310’s rejuvenate will integrate current technology features such as microSD memory slots, 4G LTE bands, expanded RAM, color display, battery life, applications like WhatsApp and, of course, the popular and very Remembered game of Snake, or snake, that marked a generation.

One only has to wait if it is a cell phone adapted to the current technology with an original design or if, on the contrary, it is a replica of the last model with few modifications. What is a fact being that it will be an economic cell phone that will easily be back in fashion?

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