How to nourish hair 

10 tricks to nourish your hair

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We are never completely happy with our hair, that is a universal truth. If our hair is curly we would like to have it straight, and when it is straight we envy the hair with volume. The same happens with the haircut: it is leaving the hairdresser and after two days we regret having put the scissors. However, regardless of the hairstyle or haircut, what really matters is the health of our hair. Like the skin, your hair can also lose vitality and shine. Take note of these tips How to nourish hair!

As we have mentioned, it is not always necessary (although it is recommended from time to time) to invest in professional treatments to maintain beautiful hair. Because there are also several simple gestures that we can do to achieve it. Point out these tricks for a full hair that we propose and boasts of mane! Keep reading: Makeup mistakes that weaken your lashes

How to nourish hair?

How to nourish hair 

1. Do not abuse the dryer

Now that the good weather is approaching, take the opportunity to let your hair dry in the air without using the dryer. Applying excess heat to our hair can cause it to dry out and become brittle. So, it is advisable to avoid it as much as possible. The same happens with other sources of heat such as the iron, the tongs, etc.

2. Do not rub it with the towel

Who does not usually dry their hair by rubbing it with the towel and wrapping it in it afterward? Although it is a very common gesture, the truth is that it is not very successful. The ideal would be to dry the hair with the towel but doing it gently, without rubbing. Because in this way we will avoid giving it electricity and it will curl later.

3. Brush it every night

Brush it every night

Admit it: you’re also the one who only brushes her hair if she’s going to leave the house. However, doing it before getting into bed can help us improve the appearance of our hair and make it more nourished. Experts recommend untangling and brushing the hair at night, as this favors blood circulation, stimulates its growth and adds shine. It also helps us to get rid of the hair that is in the process of falling giving way to new ones.

4. Take care of your diet

Not only is it advisable to lead a healthier life, also to have beautiful hair. There are certain foods that help us to have healthier hair, as well as different nutrients that contribute to achieving it. Among them, zinc, selenium, biotin, and copper, present in foods such as meat, fish, eggs or nuts.

5. Untangle the hair before washing it

Hair washing

Pay attention to us, this trick will not only save you after removing unwanted hairs from the bathtub, it will also prevent your hair from getting tangled while it is wet (at which point it is easier to break) and possible knots are formed. Detangle the hair before the shower can also help the shampoo or conditioner penetrate better into the hair and achieve the desired effect.

6. Use a shampoo that suits your hair

It does not make sense to apply a shampoo for oily hair if it is not our case or one that gives us volume if we already have a lion’s mane. Each shampoo has specific characteristics, which is why it is important that they fit with those of our hair type. For example, if you are used to dying your hair, it is recommended that you use a shampoo for dyed hair, as they help to fill the protective layer that the hair may have lost when applying the new color and, if for example, you notice that your hair is not very nourished and has lost vitality, you should use a shampoo that returns the shine to your hair.

Use a shampoo

If you want a pure and nourished hair, we recommend that you use the new Micellar Nutrition Sedal shampoo, since its main component, micellar water, cleans the hair effectively without losing its hydration. And, in addition, it has been co-created by Yuya herself. The result is fantastic!

7. Apply beneficial products for your hair to your hair

As we said before, a good shampoo suitable for your hair is essential for the health of your hair, however, shampoo is not everything. Did you know that there are other ‘extra’ products that will help care for your hair?

Believe it or not, it is worth having other products besides the shampoo to hydrate your hair, such as the conditioner and the comb cream. These products will help you to better untangle your hair and, therefore, we will avoid other damages caused by bad brushing. You will find these two types of products to pamper your hair and take care of it with micellar water extracts. Our experts have been able to prove it, see what experts say about this product in our Club of Experts !

8. Finish rinsing it with experts

hair rinsing

This will stimulate blood circulation and help the cuticles close, providing more nutrition to our hair. Equally important is to avoid washing it with very hot water , as it can damage the hair. The ideal? Wash your head with warm water.

9. First the comb, then the brush

If we use a brush directly to comb the hair when it is still wet or wet, not only will it cost us more work to untangle it, we can also damage it. Therefore, it is best to comb it first with a wide comb and, once dry, pass the brush (better if it is made of natural bristles).

10. Brush from bottom to top

What do you also start combing by inserting the tips of the comb through the top of the hair? Well, we’re sorry to tell you that you’re doing it wrong. To untangle your hair in the morning and avoid the slightest possible break, the ideal is to start at the tips , continuing through the media and ending with the root. You may also like:

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