Where does Earwax come from?

Ear wax is an unpleasant substance that many throughout their life will find occurring in their ears.  For the most part it is simply an annoyance but if there is too much it can begin to affect your hearing. Help is at hand through the Ear wax removal Bristol based clinic https://www.earwax.co.uk/ear-wax-removal-near-me/bristol/. Here you will be provided with a full service to see what is causing the issue and also to remove any necessary and irritating ear wax that has built up in your system.

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Whilst it may be unpleasant, earwax is actually quite an essential part of your body’s defences.  Its proper name is cerumen and it is naturally produced by glands located within the ear itself.  The purpose of ear wax is for it to capture any foreign bodies that may be trying to enter your ear canal.  The wax will coat itself around dirt, hair, skin cells or anything that it deems to be a problem.

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It is also antibacterial to stop any kind of unpleasant infections getting into the ear.  Anyone who has had an ear infection can tell you how painful they really can be. Clearing ear wax is done through the natural actions of eating, talking and generally moving your jaw around.  This pushes the old ear wax out and replaces it with new. The ear can go into secretion overdrive, and when this happens, the old ear wax can harden and start to impair hearing and can also be painful, so it will need to be removed.

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