Cheltenham – More than Just a Horse Racing Town

Cheltenham is a beautiful town that is situated in Gloucestershire. For most people, it is most well known for the horse racing at Prestbury park – Gold Cup week in March attracts thousands of visitors to the town.

However, as well as being a great place to visit for the festival, there is much more to Cheltenham that attracts visitors as well as people looking to live there long term. If you are thinking of moving to Cheltenham, get in touch with local companies like these letting agents Cheltenham who have a good knowledge of the area.

Here are just a few facts about Cheltenham…

Cheltenham has produced many famous people – A range of famous people have been born and lived in Cheltenham. Gustav Holst the famous composer best known for the planets, Edward Adrian Wilson, the Antarctic explorer who sadly lost his life on the infamous trip with Robert Falcon Scott. The museum and art gallery ‘The Wilson’ is named after him. It is also where Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones and Olympic diver Leon Taylor grew up.

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It is the Centre of UK Espionage – Cheltenham is the headquarters for Government surveillance. GCHQ was set up after the second world war. This was an important centre of intelligence during the Cold war and continues to be so nowadays. The doughnut building as it is known was opened by the Queen in 2003 and is Cheltenham’s most secretive landmark. It protects the UK against cyber crime and its intelligence helps to keep the country safe.

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It is a Regency Town – It is in fact not just a regency town, but the most complete regency town in England. The spa waters of the town were what made it so attractive to the wealthier folk of society hundreds of years ago, and because of this the beautiful buildings and architecture sprung up to support the town’s wealthy visitors. These beautiful buildings take you back to a bygone era. From the town hall, which was built to hold balls and parties, as well as the Pittville pump room, where you could access the famous spa waters, it is a great place to walk around and take in.

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