Living the dream, in a motorhome by the sea.

Have you ever thought about selling your house and using the profits to buy a motorhome, so you can travel around England and live by the sea?  Strangely this is a dream that many people have but few actually follow it through and do it. If you are coming towards retirement age, your children have left home and you and your husband can afford to work part time then the dream could become a reality.

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If you are not sure about motorhome living, then either hire one for a few weeks or buy a reasonable second hand one of your own.  This way you can try travelling around, finding the perfect location, and living there for a few weeks in your home on wheels. Before you set off get your finances in order, make sure you speak to a trained professional such as Bath Accountants and keep your money safe, where you can get to it if needed but in the meantime it’s working for you and earning  a good interest rate.

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Once you have tried it out and decided you love this easy, relaxed lifestyle and feel you are ready for life on the open road then go for it, you only live once so don’t have any regrets. Sell your house, buy a good condition second-hand motorhome, plan where you are going and hit the road. You can always supplement your savings by doing some casual work if you want to.


What Are the Steps of Applying for an IATAN Card?

The International Air Travelers’ Assessment Number is an official document. Travel agencies use it to assess the risk level of travelers seeking entrance into a country. It is intended as a guideline for governments to place visitors according to their risk level. This ensures they can be better protected while traveling abroad. The following are ways to ensure a traveler’s card application process goes smoothly.

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Are there crocodiles down the drains?

The sewers and drainage systems are some of the most unpleasant places that you could ever need to go into. It’s one of the reasons why so much fantasy and horror is set in them. They are the underworld, the domain of our waste. Only the decayed and deformed live there. This is a bit unfair to the people that have to work in them. It’s also something of a comfort to them that CCTV Drainage Surveys like that from can be sent down first to make sure what the problem is in terms of blockage or what is splitting the drain liner.

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One of the most common myths that have persisted is that there are alligators or crocodiles thriving in them. To date, no one has found one in the UK, but the legend starts in New York City. There were reports of the alligators roaming around the sewers growing to adult size. The reason this myth began is due to the true fact that over 100 alligators are rescued from people’s homes in the city almost every year. This practise is now illegal and the trade has fallen dramatically. However, there could be some basis for truth.

As the baby alligator grows it becomes unmanageable and the owner either flushes it down the toilet or it seeks refuge in the dampest and warmest place it can find, with a ready food supply of rats. It’s not the first time such a legend has come up. In the late eighteen hundreds, there was a similar tale told about wild pigs living in London sewers. They would come out and menace people on Hampstead Heath. There have been sightings in Florida, but this is due to humans destroying the natural habitat of the reptile. Another case was of a baby alligator found in Paris. It had escaped its owner and now lives, contently, in an Aquarium.

Are there any scientific facts to suggest there might be a colony of living crocodiles and alligators? It seems that New York City would be the last place for it to happen if it did. Alligators love warm climates and weather, it’s why they prefer the swampy conditions and bayous of Louisiana and Florida some 500 miles south. New York is on a longitude higher than Glasgow and Edinburgh. Temperatures can drop well below freezing. If a baby crocodile or alligator did get down into them it wouldn’t be able to survive the cold of a New York winter.

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This is where the fiction writers get hold of the story and start to have fun. Perhaps these are mutant Alligators that have grown to enormous size and decided to go crazy. Maybe they are like Leatherhead in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Things You Can Ship Using a Plastic Card Mailer

Credit cards are an extremely versatile tool used for many daily activities. One less well-known use is as a type of packaging material. Although using these traditional cards gets less popular due to increased card debt, plastic card mailers are still very functional and appropriate in some situations. If you are trying to choose the best way to package your product, this could be helpful information. The following things can be shipped using plastic card mailers.

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How the Eurovision Song contest has evolved.

In the 1950’s the continent of Europe was emerging from the shadows of the most destructive war ever known. Economic deprivation was being relieved by the US Marshal Plan but the scars of the war were still evident. Rubble lined the streets in many areas and the recovery would take some time. What was needed was ways to bring the continent back together and try to heal the divisions. The Fairs Cup and European Football matches was one way, the Formation of the European Coal and Steel community ( the start of the EU) was another. However, it was felt that the Arts was where great strides and cooperation could be made. And so the Eurovision Song contest was duly born.

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As with the European Coal and Steel Community it also began life in 1951. The first contest was held in Salerno in Italy. It’s been going on without fail ever since. The only exception being for the COVID19 outbreak of 2020. It started to be regularly televised from 1956 onwards and it is not only the longest running international song contest it is also one of the longest running televised events. Back in the 1950’s you’d need to have very good reception to pick up the pictures from the continent and a TV aerial repair Cheltenham based operation like would have been as invaluable then as they are know.

The format is very clever. Each country, usually via their state broadcaster, sends a singer or group to perform a song of no longer than 3 minutes. Whichever country is successful gets to host the event the following year. The idea is that the contest allows the country the chance to exhibit themselves as a place of culture and well worth a visit. It also allows for some friendly competition and a chance to share ideas and the shared experience of being European.

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Sadly this has not completely worked out to be true. Even from the beginning it was clear that favorites began to emerge. The UK always gave Ireland 10 or 12 points (giving them victory over the UK at decisive moments on several occasions). Cyprus always gave Greece 12 points and Turkey nothing and in one memorable example the Portuguese song was used to signal the start of a military coup.

The situation became even worse after the fall of the Soviet Union. Now all the East European countries could compete. The competition had to be extended to qualifying shows before the usual Saturday night Grand final. This has made it harder of Europe’s fringe countries like the UK and Ireland as they have no neighbours to vote for them. Also The UK leaving the EU has not helped matters. How the Russian entrant will be received this year is also going to be interesting to watch.

Three Things that you can do to Help Fight Climate Change

The fight against climate change is one of the biggest and most important challenges that the world has faced. To undo the destruction of the planet, everyone must work together to reduce the impact that humans have on it and prevent further climate catastrophe.

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As an individual, there is a lot that you can do – making changes to the way that we live and how we use resources is something that everyone can do. Here are a few things that you can do to make a positive change…

Eat Fresh and Local – Eating fresh, local food is not only better for your health, but it is better for the environment. Eating food that has travelled less of a distance to be with you will not only be fresher but will have a much smaller carbon footprint. You will also be supporting small local businesses and farmers.

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Think About Materials You Use – Natural materials are much better than man made ones – they are more sustainable and easier to recycle, as well as this their production has less of a negative impact on the planet. For example, if you are thinking of building an extension or an outbuilding, look for something like these Timberpride oak garages, and for clothing choose natural materials like cotton.

Think About Travel – Travel can be detrimental to the environment – the fumes from cars for example, add to the greenhouse gases and pollution. Look into electric vehicles and consider where you can leave the car at home and walk or cycle.