Tips For Being the Best Taxi Driver You Can Be

If you are a taxi driver and want some tips to become even better than you already are, read on to find out some tips for being the best taxi driver you can be. Not only will you be more likely to get tips from happier customers, but you will also enjoy your experience a lot more.

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  1. Try to learn and remember routes instead of always relying on the satnav. Obviously, if you don’t know the directions to the requested destination, don’t wing it, but you will enjoy driving a lot more if you know the roads well and you may even learn some better or quicker routes to get to popular places.
  2. To optimise the passenger experience try to judge whether your passengers are up for talking or not and whether they would actually like to listen to the radio. If they are rushing and on their way to work, they probably don’t want to chat. However, if they are clearly visiting the place on holiday, they may like to have the opportunity to talk with someone local. If you could make some recommendations for places to visit and restaurants to eat at, they will likely be even more grateful.

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  1. Do not speed and weave in and out of traffic to get to a destination quicker no matter how much someone is in a rush. Not only is it dangerous, but it can make for a bumpy ride for the passengers. You will also use more petrol.
  2. To save on petrol, take advantage of the Fuel Card Services available to you. I recommend Allstar Fuel Cards.


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