Three Garden Jobs Before Winter Arrives

The autumn months are here, and the weather is noticeably changing – here are three things to do in your garden before the winter arrives…

Pruning your shrubs and trees is a job that is ideally done in the autumn. The reason for doing this is because at this time of the year the plant is lying dormant as opposed to growing, so the risk of causing it a damage is much lower. For larger trees, it is better to get a professional such as this tree surgeon Poole based as it can be a dangerous job to undertake yourself if you are unsure what you are doing.

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Caring for the wildlife is most important during the winter months – birds struggle to find food in the winter, and with many of the native birds declining in numbers, it is good to help them as much as you can in the winter by providing them with food. Set up a bird table and replenish it daily with food and water – try out different foods and feeders – from seeds to fat balls, as this may attract a larger variety.

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The garden fencing is also particularly vulnerable over these months – high winds and storms are common in the winter and could easily blow down a weak fence. Check all around your garden boundary for weak spots and you can then make repairs to these areas before the worst of the weather sets in.

Why it is essential to have a tranquil bedroom

When it is time to go to bed, having the right kind of environment is a surefire way of getting to sleep quicker. Whilst it is very important to have a decent comfy bed there are many other factors that also come in to play. The bedroom needs to be a nice and peaceful place where you can find some relaxation and respite from the stress of the day. The word that you are looking for is tranquil. This means calm, still and quiet.

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Achieving that state requires several elements. Firstly the tone of the colours of the room are vital. Naturally you are going to want to pick colours that you like. However, if these colours are too bright or strong. Vividness is not a good idea in the bedroom. Rich deep colours like Vermillion Red or a purple like Russian Violet can bring a defined sense of calm and well being. Neutral’s like pastels are also a good idea.

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Your furniture is surprisingly also a contributing part. Having some decent and bedroom furniture for you clothes means that you will have a tidy room. It’s vitally important to have a tidy room as clutter is not conducive to good or improved sleep. For example, some of the furniture from a Fitted Wardrobes Dorset based company like Lamco Design provide can be the perfect accompaniment to the room.

Some nice sweeping art is also a good idea. Restful scenes of landscapes and forests are one of the best to have in the bedroom.

Top 4 Basic Tools That Every Shed Needs

You have finally finished your shed building project, and now comes the fun part: filling it with tools. With that said, though, where should you even start? If this is the first time you have owned a shed, that question is huge.

For those who are new to tool and shed ownership, a good place to start can be with a solid set of basics. While the types of kits that you buy vary, there are some things you will need regardless of which type of toolset you end up picking.

1. Screwdriver Set

Without a doubt, you need a screwdriver set. The possibilities for needing to use one are pretty much endless. From your TV remote to your front door, flashlight and the new coffee table that you need to put together, having a reliable screwdriver set tops the list of handyperson must-haves.

2. Hammer

How much do you like plain walls? If you plan on hanging any sort of decorations, you will probably need a hammer. Likewise, you also will need one for taking old nails out of your walls. In addition, most do-it-yourself furniture will also require a hammer.

3. Circular Saw

Regardless of what kind of cutting task you have ahead of you, having a circular saw that you can count on is always a good idea. For best results, make sure it contains a high-quality composite blade. If you are unsure, you can ask an associate which blades most customers recommend.

4. Tape Measure

Finally, how are you going to fit anything new into your home if you have no idea how much space you have? You should never underestimate the number of times that you will need to have a tape measure. Look for one that is heavy-duty.

After you finish building your new shed, this list can help you fill it will all of the top must-have tools that you will need.

Help Your Office Team Stay Productive

Officer managers need to be conscientious about supporting their team’s productivity. Some changes around the office and some new initiatives aimed towards promoting employees’ wellbeing can equip administrative professionals to do their best work. Here are some simple but effective ways to foster a positive working environment.

Analyze Workflows

It is helpful to periodically review how specific tasks involving numerous workers begin and end. Identify modifications geared towards improving how work flows from one employee or department to another.

Encourage Breaks

It may seem counterintuitive that encouraging breaks would promote productivity. Nevertheless, Short breaks during a workday can be advantageous.

Remind your team to take breaks. They help employees to maintain their focus and produce work that exceeds expectations. They also let people stay more physically comfortable and avert joint soreness or other orthopedic issues that commonly affect office workers.

Optimize Workstations

Separating workstations may be preferable to having many people working independently in an open area. You can transform a space affordably with pre owned cubicles.

People tend to feel more comfortable when they have some privacy at work, and they’ll be able to concentrate well when they don’t have to work on filtering out whatever is happening around them.

Provide Ergonomic Equipment

An individual’s general comfort can bear heavily on his or her overall productivity. Office managers should ensure that employees have comfortable seating. Desks should be suitable for individuals’ unique sizes.  It may also be beneficial to give workers ergonomic equipment such as keyboards and telephones.

Minimize Distractions

Keeping employees plugged into work may entail discouraging overuse of personal phones while they are at their workstations. Of course, it may be reasonable to allow employees to take calls. However, people probably shouldn’t be browsing the internet or social media during their working hours.

An attentive office manager and a well-structured working environment can boost employees’ performance. They can do better work and experience greater job satisfaction.

Understanding Two Standard Cash Advance Options

A cash advance can bridge the gap between your unexpected expenses and subsequent payroll receipt. You can turn to a lending institution to provide a cash advance against your next paycheck or withdraw cash against an existing credit card account.

How Does a Payroll Cash Advance Work?

A cash advance lender Mississippi can offer you a payroll advance when an emergency finds you unprepared to pay for it. Payroll cash advances are government-regulated short-term loans against upcoming earnings. You must provide the lending institution with a personal check with the date of your next paycheck. Be sure to include the amount you wish to borrow plus the institution’s pre-arranged transaction and interest rate fees. Before writing the check it is essential to ensure that your next paycheck will cover the total amount.

State governments impose limits on the payroll cash advance amounts borrowers may receive, and borrowers must repay loans with interest and fees within clearly defined periods. Most states limit the number of loan rollovers borrowers may obtain and reduce the loan amount with each subsequent loan. Also, lenders must have a valid license to perform loan services and maintain a postal address and physical space in a regulated zone. In addition, lenders must show and receive valid identification before transacting loans.

How Does a Credit Card Cash Advance Work?

Credit card cash advances are less involved than payroll loans. Your credit card account will offer a line of funding separate from your credit limit, which you can use to obtain immediate cash at an ATM. You can borrow any amount up to your limit. Credit card cash advances work best for short-term cash needs because the APRs that accompany them are higher than those for your standard credit line, and interest starts accumulating immediately. Still, you can quickly replenish your total cash advance funds availability when you repay the loan.

When you need immediate cash, you can choose between two standard cash advance options to meet your financial obligations before your next paycheck arrives.


Wedding Reception Favors

Unique Wedding Reception Favors

When you’re getting married, you have a lot going on. You have to finalize the food, music and seating chart plans, and some things might fall to the wayside. One thing you don’t want to neglect is the thank you favors for your wedding reception. Your guests are taking time out of their busy schedules, and you want to thank them and show them how much you appreciate them. Instead of giving a thoughtless gift, consider doing something that will leave a bigger impact. Here are some unique favors you could give your guests at your reception.

Homemade Lotion

If you love to make your own lotion, you should consider giving it away as your favor. You could make large batches of different scents and then use small individual bottles to package the lotion in. You can contact a packaging and design solutions service to find the right size bottle for your lotion. They can even help you design a unique label, so your guests know what is in the bottle and what the scent is.


Keychains are a versatile gift because almost everyone can find a use for one, and they can be customized in a million different ways. If you’re getting married in the summer and you love flowers, consider getting a sunflower keychain with your initials and wedding date engraved on the back. Or, if you and your spouse love to be silly, opt for a funny saying on the keychain.

Homemade Vanilla

Another homemade favor that your guests will love is homemade vanilla. It does take a few months to prepare, so you’ll need to plan ahead, but it’s very straightforward. You can purchase cheap vanilla beans that you slice in half and place in a bottle of vodka. Typically, you should plan for two vanilla beans for every cup of vodka. Place the mixture in a dark spot for a few months, giving it a shake every once in a while. When the vodka is ready, portion it into small individual glass bottles and place a label on the outside.

Wheel Fitting Measurements

When you want to buy new wheels for your car, it can feel a little daunting. Where to start? Here are some of the basics that you’ll want to start with:


The best place to start is to look at the wheels you currently have and make a note of their diameter. This will be given in inches and is the distance across the face of a wheel. The width, also measured in inches, is the distance from the front of the wheel to the back.

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Pitch Circle Diameter

This sounds complicated but in fact refers to the number of holes drilled into the centre of the wheel. This is likely to be 4,5 or 6. The second part of this measurement is a little more tricky. It refers to the diameter of a circle as drawn around each of the holes. It can be calculated in millimetres by measuring the distance from the centre of any of the holes to the next hole.


Again, this is hard to visualise but refers to the angle of the back face of the wheel on meeting the hub in relation to the centre of the width of the wheel. Thi8s measurement is required to see how far a tyre needs to sit inside the wheel arch. Seek help from a professional and find out more about Alloy Repair Cheltenham at a site like

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Centre Bore

This refers to the size of the hole at the rear of the wheel that is used to fix the wheel to the vehicle’s wheel hub.

4 Ways To Look More Youthful and Radiant

Youth is a state of mind; it doesn’t only have to do with chronological age. In fact, the wisdom of years and the energy of youth can coexist beautifully. Wondering how you can look more youthful and radiant no matter what your age? Read on for a few simple suggestions.

1. Upgrade Your Skincare Routine

As you mature, you’ll probably notice your skin changing gradually. It becomes thinner, less oily, and more prone to wrinkling. Adjust your skincare routine to take this into account, focusing on improving its suppleness and glow. Use products that nourish your skin deeply, moisturizing and protecting it. Do you need some additional advice and assistance? Try a search using terms such as plastic surgeons in Raleigh North Carolina to find a qualified clinician.

2. Find Reasons To Smile

Whether it’s your friends or loved ones, pets, or the activities you pursue, find reasons to smile and be happily engaged. You’ll come across as more radiant and full of life, because you will be! In today’s culture, it’s crucial to be intentional about incorporating joy into every day. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude, leaning into your spirituality and support from others.

3. Dress With Flair

Discover and express your individual style. Your essence is unique. The way you dress should be, too. It doesn’t have to be expensive; in fact, culling your closet and buying secondhand is an effective way to distill your style. Get inspiration for individual style online, too.

4. Take Care of Your Health

Keep up with health-related appointments, eat a nutrient-dense diet, and get plenty of exercise and rest. You’ll notice an improvement in your energy, motivation, and appearance. Good health is a foundation for radiance.

Looking more youthful involves caring for yourself holistically. Try these tips for an uplifted, glowing appearance.

Roy J Plunkett – The Father of the Non-Stick Coating

A lot of the things that make our modern lives easier are things that we give little thought to. But of course, someone at some point in history has come up with all the useful things that we have, both large and small and has used inventions to improve the way that we live our lives.

One of the scientists whose name most people will not recognise – Roy J Plunkett but came up with something that makes all of our lives easier – Teflon is the brand name, and it is a type of coating that most of us will recognise as the thing that has made cooking so much easier for us, as it stops food from sticking to our pots and pans!

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It is also used in car manufacturing, construction and even on your hair straighteners! PTFE coating like this is one of the modern types of non-stick coating, and it has revolutionised many of the things that we use on a daily basis. So just who was Roy J Plunkett and how did he discover this versatile and useful product?

Roy was born in 1910 and worked during the great depression in America on a farm. He had an interest in chemistry and went to study it at College in Indiana, where he shared a room with scientist Paul Flory, who went on to become a Nobel prize winner! After he finished at Indiana the pair both also went on to study for a doctorate in his home state of Ohio.

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After he finished his education, he went on to work at DuPont, and his job when he first started working there was to research the chemicals used in modern refrigerators – chlorofluorocarbons. Earlier refrigerators had used chemicals such as ammonia, which had been poisonous to the people who made the refrigerators, so these new chemicals were something that everyone was keen to work on to improve the safety of the manufacturing process.

During one experiment, Roy J Plunkett had produced a special gas called tetrafluoroethylene gas (a bit of a mouthful, more commonly known as TFE!) and when he went to check back on it in the cylinder where it was stored and had been chlorinated, nothing came out. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the gas had become a white powder – something that Roy took an interest in and immediately began to study.

He discovered that it was something that most things would not stick to as it had very low friction on the surface as well as being very resistant to heat – of course this suddenly changed everything, and the first non-stick coating had been created! Named Teflon, this was the first of its kind and it also revolutionised chemistry as most scientists did not realise that this was something that could happen until it did!

So next time you cook your bacon and remove it from the pan with ease or straighten your hair or dive your car – you know who to be grateful to!