Are keywords or topics better for blogger SEO?

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Bloggers looking to boost their SEO may focus on various aspects to get their site ranking highly on search engines. Keywords and topics are two areas that bloggers consider, but which one is better to focus on?

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SEO in the past

In times gone by, a blogger wanting to soar to the top of search listings would rely on stuffing keywords into their content. With the advent of Google’s Hummingbird update, however, things have changed and reliance on keywords only is no longer enough.

User intention

According to Audience Bloom, Google Hummingbird is a semantic search algorithm, evaluating the intention behind a user query rather than matching keywords. Essentially, it tries to understand what users are searching for, helping to achieve this faster than before.

This algorithm update means that Google is putting user needs first, with selecting topics considered a way of writing for users. Keyword stuffing, on the other hand, can diminish the user experience, as it comes across as unnatural and may not meet a user’s needs.

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A place for keywords

Does this suggest that keywords should no longer be considered in SEO and that bloggers should focus on topic selection only? Not necessarily; in fact, experts argue that keywords should still be borne in mind when writing for SEO and that considering both keywords and topics is the best strategy to implement. After all, keywords still play an essential role when used in meta descriptions, title and site pages, and anchor text. To maximise your use of keywords, consult Dublin SEO experts such as SEO Dublin agency Ryco.

Keywords should also be used to help guide you to decide which topics are the most suitable to consider for your blogs. Conducting keyword research is vital before deciding on your topics, but do not allow your keywords to sway your content or direction. Crucially, ensure the keywords you use make sense to the topic choice.

A word of warning about topics

Focusing on topics enhances the user experience, which Google likes and looks for when ranking sites, but be a little cautious when selecting blog topics. Never focus on topics alone without keyword consideration, as you could end up relying on subjective data rather than objective data derived from keyword analysis. Google is not always clever enough to process subjective data accurately.

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