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Three Haunted Places Near Bath to Visit this Halloween

Halloween is on the way and as the season changes and the cold envelops us, one of the best cities to visit for spooky stories is Bath. As well as being a modern city that has many businesses such as Chippendale and Clark accountants Bath is also a place full of history and intrigue. Here are some spooky local stories to explore this Halloween…

Sally in the Woods – This is one of the most eerie and enduring local stories. Its local reputation precedes it and is one of the most haunted spots in the UK. The beautiful country road on the outskirts of the city may look as pretty as any other but it is in fact home to a ghostly young girl who has been seen by locals running across the road and also heard screaming. Even many locals dare not drive down here after sunset.

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Shepton Mallet Prison – A place which once housed some of the most notorious criminals in Britain is of course a place which is likely to have some ghostly goings on. This is reportedly the most haunted prison in Britain and is home to many phantoms, including the White lady and Captain Philip Ryal. The prison does run ghost tours so if you fancy a spooky scare this Halloween you know where to go.

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Francis Hotel – In the centre of Bath this beautiful hotel is full of luxury and a popular place for visitors to the city to stay. However, it is said to be haunted by a former housekeeper who hung herself whilst working here. Strange sounds have been reported in the hotel such as tapping, scraping and scratching noises.

Reasons why your business needs a bonded warehouse

What is a bonded warehouse? It is also called a Customs warehouse and refers to a storage facility where imported goods can be kept until export without officially entering the UK market and therefore liable to duty. They are, in effect, a duty free zone.

How can this concept help your business? The first major way this type of warehouse could benefit your business is in terms of freeing up essential cash flow. By not having to pay duty until goods are sold, there is no risk of being out of pocket, if for example, there are some goods that are harder to shift. This helps to avoid paying duty costs on goods that might be sitting in the warehouse for prolonged periods.

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A company can effectively avoid paying duty twice if it is in the business of importing for export to non-EU countries. A bonded warehouse means no duty is paid on imported items that are to be exported, saving businesses around 30%. Find out more about Bonded Warehouse Software at a site like

Most bonded warehouses are located in ports, meaning a much less complex supply chain is required. The goods come in and are ready to leave without excessive transportation costs. This creates quicker lead times, a faster turnaround, a reduced carbon footprint and less risk of goods getting damaged in transit.

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As you can see, there are multiple benefits to having a bonded warehouse and it might be something to consider for your business.

Catfish: Do They Really Belong in the “Unhealthy” Category?

Fish is a low-fat food touted as imparting numerous health benefits to its consumers. However, as you are probably well aware, not all fish are created equally in terms of quality, flavor and other factors. One debated factor is the nutritious value of certain kinds of fish. Fried catfish Plano is a popular dish in the South, for instance. In fact, catfish are popular in many areas around the world due to their versatility and affordability. However, many individuals believe that catfish are unhealthy because they are bottom feeders who consume sediment and pollution from the bottom of bodies of waters. Are they really bad for you though?

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How to protect your marble tiles

Marble Tiles like the ones from are great flooring options and they add a touch of elegance to any room. They are a wonderful option for kitchens, bathrooms and other high traffic areas such as hallways and living rooms. In order to make the most out of your flooring and to help it last as long as possible, there are some ways that you can help to protect your marble tiles.

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Furniture – make sure that you have protectors on the bottom of your furniture to help prevent the legs from damaging the floor underneath. This is especially important on any chairs that are going to be pulled out on a regular basis.

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Soft furnishings – another way that you can project the marble floor is to have rugs laid down. It is important that you ensure that these have a non-slip backing on them to prevent slips and trips.

Cleaning – regularly cleaning your floor will help to prevent staining from occuring and can also help to prevent any dirst particles from scratching the surface of the tiles. There are a number of ways that you can do this but it is important to use a cleaner that is suitable for use on marble. If you decide to use a vacuum you should make sure that you have the brush ends attached and that you do not use any metal fixings on the vacuum.

Dare to Go Dark in Your Kitchen

One of the more modern trends that has been resurfacing is the trend for a darker kitchen. Striking dark hues that add some drama and cosiness to the kitchen are all the rage at the moment – whether you love a deep, emerald green, striking navy or even go the whole hog and go for all black, here are some ways to get the dark kitchen look ready for a cosy winter…

Dark walls- A good way to incorporate the darker tones into your kitchen that will have a stunning effect is with darker walls. NO need to change your kitchen cupboards, go for a deep tone that will go well with them – dark green looks great with bright white cupboards for example, or if you have wooden cupboards go for deep warm tones.

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Change up Accessories – If going the whole hog worries you, but you like the idea of having some deeper and darker tones in the kitchen, start with the accessories. Change things like downlight covers such as these from Thermahood direct, or update toasters and kettles to experiment with have darker tones in your kitchen.

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Change the Cupboard Colours – Changing up your kitchen units doesn’t have to cost a fortune – you can easily paint them to introduce darker colours to your kitchen. There are a wide range of colours to choose from as well as some great instructional videos online if you are unsure how to go about doing it.

How to get ready for a big house move

The mortgage is arranged, and a completion date has been set. All that remains to do is move into the property and start making it your new home. However, if you are looking to move a large number of items, it’s a good idea to have a plan for where everything will go and how it will get to the new home. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

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Where to find ideas for remodelling your bathroom

When it comes to making a home improvement, there are plenty of options for you to choose from; however one of the easiest ways to upgrade your bathroom is through the use of bathroom remodelling experts. Bathroom remodeling has become a very popular thing to do these days. There are many people who opt to remodel their bathrooms due to its upgrading potential.

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One of the most important things to keep in mind when making improvements to your bathroom is the budget that you have set aside for the project. The type of improvements that you want to do for your bathroom should also be taken into account since there are different types of things that you can add to it, all of which cost money. Some cheaper improvements could involve just replacing the sealing and grouting. For Bathroom Sealant, visit a site like ct1

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It is also important for you to determine the bathroom design that you want to have before starting to search for remodelling experts to help you out. It would be best for you to take a look at some magazines or bathroom remodelling pictures so that you will have an idea on what kind of design you need to implement. You can even browse through the internet so that you will be able to get some ideas about how to remodel your bathroom. With all the possible ideas that you have at hand, you should now be equipped enough to look for contractors who can help you remodel your bathroom. This will help you save time, effort, and a lot of money when you are doing up your bathroom.

What is Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is in fact a group of conditions that affect the mobility of an individual as well as their balance, posture and coordination. It is the most common mobility-related disability that affects children. The symptoms that are experienced by people can vary in their number and in severity. Some individuals may be able to be fully independent with the help of mobility aids and WAV Vehicles such as the ones from in later life.

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The condition is caused by abnormal development of the brain during pregnancy or damage that occurs to the brain as a result of natural childbirth or issues during labour. These damages or abnormal development affect the way in which the individual can control their muscles. This is shown in the difficulties that they can experience in relation to movement and in coordination and fine motor skills.

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A person symptoms will usually not worsen over time, although they may change in terms of how they affect the individual. There are a number of ways in which cerebral palsy can be screened for that include during pregnancy and by monitoring the development of the child to see how their fine motor skills and gross motor skills are developing with age.

The treatments that are used will depend on the needs of the individual and can include medications as well as mobility aids such as brace and walk frames and also wheelchairs if the individual finds that their muscles grow weary over time.

What are the Dangers of Being Too Cold?

During the winter, temperatures can drop well below freezing both during the day and at night. Going out outside calls for some form of protective clothing. However, what about the dangers of getting too cold inside your home? With energy prices rising, there is a real concern that some people won’t be putting their heating on when they really should.

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There are three main elements to consider when you think about being too cold, and if you can avoid them or find a way to warm yourself up you should. Your body’s inability to maintain its temperature when cold for prolonged periods can lead to organ damage, brain damage, and even death. Don’t let an inefficient boiler keep you from staying warm this winter. For Boiler Servicing Belfast, visit Belfast Gas

Your body tries to maintain a certain temperature all day long, and this is a natural process. As we sleep at night our bodies will attempt to conserve energy by slowing down so that when we wake up in the morning we can get back into a more active and alert state of being. Being too cold can affect our ability to sleep, leave us open to a weakened immune system and thus at greater risk of becoming unwell.

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Another issue that can arise is hypothermia. When your body’s internal temperature drops below the normal range quicker than it can generate heat, it can actually cause permanent damage to the organ systems. There are some medical conditions which can result from low body temperatures, and these conditions can be life threatening. If your body cannot maintain its temperature for a long enough period of time it can become fatally ill.


Spring Bulbs to Brighten your Garden

During the winter, most plants have died off and instead of spending a lot of time outdoors we spend it in our homes. Flowers and plants are a great way to bring joy to the home though, so just because it is winter, it is lovely to have flowers around – beautiful bouquets from places like this Tewkesbury florist the Flower Shed make a great centrepiece for a Christmas dining table, or simply to bring us joy on those dark and chilly days.

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