Why we love the Great British Bake Off

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The Great British Bake Off was a phenomenal success because of its innocent simplicity. It’s all about baking cakes in the lush green countryside, and we can all relate to that. There are no brash celebrities vying for camera time or people trying to be popstars, just a glorious cake competition that makes us feel at home. Here are some other reasons why we love the show:

The Mishaps

Although we pity the poor contestant who drops their meringue on the floor, we can’t help savour the drama and tension as we wait in anticipation for the final result. It’s a lot harder to instigate the 3 second rule with a TV camera recording your every move!

The Challenge Bake

The tension is almost unbearable as we eagerly await the presentation of the finished item. Will it all go wrong or will they unveil a masterpiece?

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The Tent

Who can resist the draw of a marquee in the British countryside? With a vintage feel of country summer fetes, the shabby chic styling works perfectly for setting the tone and atmosphere of the show. Perhaps it has inspired you to consider a marquee for your celebrations this summer? For Marquee Hire Kent, visit Marquee hire experts in Kent, 2 intents.

The Contestants

The show does a great job of introducing you to the contestants and allowing you to get to know more about them as things progress. You soon end up with a favourite to back which just engages you more with the competition. Listening to their ideas is brilliant, some sensible, others bizarre – like 10 tiered cakes!

So Very British

This show indulges in being British in the most delightful way. Set in beautiful countryside in the grounds of a stately home, with very British presenters, tents, tea and cake! What more could we ask for? Not a hint of cheesiness to be seen.

Positive Atmosphere

There is no ‘trash talking’ between the competitors, it’s all very civil and respectful. The tent atmosphere is a pleasant and positive one, with a friendly sense of competition and mutual respect and help.


The perfect place to pick up a few cake baking tips of your own which is never a bad thing. As the contestants develop and learn, so can you. Who could ignore the advice and help of beloved icon Mary Berry? This show is the ideal inspiration for getting into baking, with tips on the best flavours, ingredients, decorating methods and more.

Cake Heaven

Who doesn’t want to ogle at cakes? You’ll have childhood memories and sweet dreams of all the delicious cakey and pastry goodness that this show presents to us. The whole process from start to finish is simply fascinating to watch and that’s the beauty and simplicity of this hugely successful TV show.

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