What’s in your ‘Bug Out’ Bag?

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Every self-respecting survivalist will know exactly what they should keep in a ‘bug out’ bag. For those of us still learning, a bug out bag is a bag of survival essentials, kept close by for grabbing and fleeing in an urgent, life-threatening kind of apocalyptic scenario. Hopefully, you will never need your bug out bag but if you fail to prepare then you prepare to fail. Here are some top essential items to keep on standby:

#1 Water

Whilst you can go without food for quite some time, the human body will only last for 72 hours without water. Water, therefore, is an absolute must and the very minimum recommended amount is one litre a day for each person. Collapsible water bottles are a useful addition to your bag, as well as water purification tablets. Having a lifestraw will enable you to drink water from any source without getting ill.

#2 Energy

You won’t be able to carry huge amounts of food so the food you do put in your bag will have to be chosen carefully. Good items to get hold of include energy or protein bars, dehydrated meals, a can-opener, metal bowl, portable stove and a spork. If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘spork’, it’s a handy gadget with a spoon at one end and a fork at the other.

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#3 Shelter

Unless your Bear Grylls and don’t mind spending the night inside a dead camel carcass, we recommend taking some useful items to provide shelter. These items may sound bulky but are designed with backpacking in mind so are compact and lightweight. A tarp, tent, sleeping bag and thick blanket will all help in ensuring you’re as well-rested as you can be. For a wide range of equipment, visit an Online Bushcraft store at http://www.angloforro.co.uk/

#4 Heat

Don’t just have one but several methods for starting a fire. You must have a backup in case one fails so be sure to pack at least 3 sources of ignition, tinder and a waterproof storage box for them.

#5 Tools

There are some awesome gadgets out there but remember that every bit of weight counts so you need to choose your tools carefully. At the very least, you’ll need a multi-tool or Swiss Army knife and a survival knife. Other items that could be classed as tools include an LED headlamp to keep your hands free, batteries, a compass, a map and a whistle.

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#6 First Aid & Hygiene

There are loads of pre-made first aid kits on the market but the best ones to buy are called adventure or mountain trauma kits. A survival blanket is another vital item, as is some form of insect repellent. Prevention is better than cure so include some hygiene items in your bug out bag too. Think about including items such as hand sanitizer, travel toilet roll, travel toothbrush and paste, wet wipes and camp soap.

#7 Optional Extras

If you have any space left then these items are highly recommended – parachute chord, sewing kit, face mask, duct tape, binoculars and a fishing kit.

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