Walking or Cycling

Walking or Cycling, good for stress and mental health

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Walking and cycling can be positive for mental health

People who travel to their offices on a bicycle or simply walking the streets of their city may have more health benefits than previously believed. In addition to doing regular exercise that could improve your cardiovascular health, it has now been proven that these people can improve their mental health.

According to a British study, people who left the car at home and started moving in other ways managed to reduce daily stress and focused more on their day-to-day work.

Even people who used public transportation improved in their levels of psychological well-being.

Walking or Cycling
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Study details

To reach these conclusions, researchers analyzed data from more than 18 thousand people between 18 and 65 who were traveling to work.

Our study shows that the longer people spent traveling by car, the worse their emotional well-being was. And correspondingly, people feel better when they have to walk more to go to work.

To reach these conclusions, the researchers “weighed other factors known to cause stress or affect the well-being of people, such as income, relationships, children, moving and changing jobs.” Also, they took into account the feelings of uselessness and unhappiness of the people that made displacements, their quality of sleep and if they had problems to deal with the others.

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Walking or Cycling
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Safety Tips

If you have decided to leave the car at home and move by bike or on foot, we give you the following recommendations:

  • Remember that bicycle drivers must walk to the right side of the road to avoid traffic accidents.
  • Drivers and their companions should wear vests or jackets that make them visible to other drivers, between 6 am and 6 pm or when weather conditions warrant.
  • Bicycles are forbidden to cross sidewalks, prohibited routes or places intended for pedestrians.
  • If you are going to drive at night, bicycles should carry a white light on the front of the bike and a red light on the front.

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