toxic erythema

Toxic erythema: rash with red pimples on the skin of the newborn

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There is another type of skin redness: toxic. This condition is characterized by more serious manifestations. There is such disease much less common physiological. It is considered the second stage of ordinary erythema. The condition is directly related to the reaction to food, more often with milk or the mother’s mixture.

Why may toxic erythema of newborns occur?

toxic erythema causes

  1. Take medications not for their intended purpose during pregnancy and lactation;
  2. Maternal diabetes, endocrine system disorders, reproductive system;
  3. The work of the mother in harmful production;
  4. With repeated pregnancy;
  5. Prolonged fetal hypoxia;
  6. The first accessory to the breast was made more than 10 hours after delivery.

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All these factors do not always affect the manifestation of toxic erythema. To have an accurate idea of skin rashes not characteristic of a baby’s skin, it is necessary to contact a specialist who will perform the diagnosis. The disease has symptoms:

  • The unusual restlessness of a crumb;
  • Covering the skin with spots;
  • Bubbles are observed in the center of the affected areas;
  • There is itching;
  • Often the points are located in the head, arms and legs, mainly in the folds.

In the case of the diagnosis of toxic skin damage, treatment is required. In general, it consists of a series of measures designed to improve the condition of crumbs. The disease passes without leaving a mark, it leaves no scars. As soon as the first signs of a child suffering from erythema toxic appear, you should contact the pediatrician to receive a diagnosis and treatment.

Basic treatment

toxic erythema treatment

Before starting the treatment of toxic erythema of newborns, you must take precautions to avoid problems with the delicate skin of the baby. Therefore, you must implement the following recommendations:

1. Clean the baby’s skin with moist wipes and warm water.
2. Use only natural fabrics for the baby’s bed and clothes.
3. Leave the baby naked for at least 1 hour a day.
4. Do not clean the skin after bathing. It is better to wrap the crumbs with a towel.
5. To carry out the bath with the use of decoctions of herbs.
6. When breastfeeding your mother, you must carefully choose the foods for your diet.

In most cases, redness of this nature is not dangerous for the baby. After your body gets used to the new habitat, everything will happen. Very rarely, the toxic erythema of newborns is delayed and requires close monitoring if there is a possibility of suppuration. Then the specialist designates a course of treatment.

Includes antiallergic drugs, bifidobacteria, vitamins of group E, B, C.

If there is suppuration, they should be treated with zink or manganese. The affected skin should be dried with zinc powder.

All activities can be carried out only after the appointment of a specialist. Only the treating physician can prescribe the correct dose of a given medication. As at this age the baby is vulnerable, home remedies are added to the complex therapy, which to a lesser extent affects the body of the newborn.

toxic erythema medicine

It is strictly forbidden to use national funds. This can affect the crumbs and aggravate the state of things. The maximum benefit that the child can bring only the correctly selected therapeutic intervention.

1. The correct way to feed the baby promotes the rapid recovery of the body and its adaptation. In the first months of his life, he eats every 2-3 hours. Gradually, the interval between feeds increases. Ideally, the baby should eat at the same time.
2. The breastfeeding mother should observe the correct diet. It should not have a different type of allergen. It is necessary to drink dogrose broth and chamomile tea.
3. Traditional medicine encourages young parents to place crumbs without clothes for 20 minutes. In the hot season you can keep your baby naked all the time.
4. To remove impurities from children’s underwear, only use special detergents for children. This will protect against the occurrence of allergic reactions.
If the child suddenly has spots of an incomprehensible nature, a specialist should be notified immediately to perform an examination and find out the cause of its occurrence. If necessary, the treating physician will prescribe a comprehensive treatment.

First aid for children

toxic erythema affected child

Sometimes, a young mother is worried about the condition of her baby. Often, the condition associated with itching in the toxic erythema is perceived by young parents as the anxiety caused by the colic. So, the baby receives a medication for stomach pain. But at the same time, anxiety does not happen.

In order to alleviate the condition of the baby caused by toxic erythema. It is necessary to strip the baby and keep his fingers all over the body. Do this with caution. It is necessary to pay attention to the sites affected by the erythema. Often, the itching is located in the anus, where the mucosa is the most affected. In comparison with the baby’s skin, my mother’s hands are rough enough to soothe the itch.

It is worth paying attention to places such as the eyebrows, behind the ears, the back, the chest. Do not rub the skin and even more, scrape with a few. This will only cause damage and increase the eruptions. If the baby calmed down, it means that the itching decreased. You can bathe the child in the broth of the turn to eliminate itching.

Additional recommendations:

toxic erythema recommendation

Up to one year of the baby, it is necessary to bathe daily. This helps the crumb relax and eliminate discomfort. For the bath to be effective, it is necessary to use a phytoparticle, which is infused with a bath of water. Be sure to dilute the broth with water for bathing. Babies with erythema should be boiled in boiled water. Tap water can cause contamination of affected areas of the skin.

The baby’s body should breathe, so do not wrap it in the warm season. The optimum temperature of the air for crumbs is considered between 18-20 ° С during the day and 16-18 ° С during the night. Overheating only increases the itching.

With regular air and warm baths, the baby’s skin is quickly cleaned and restored. So do not be afraid to leave him naked, even if he was born in the winter. Hardening is an excellent prophylaxis for many diseases, including skin diseases. You might also read:

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