Top Nursery Trends for 2019

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Expecting a new baby is an exciting time and one way to prepare and deal with those nesting impulses is to get busy decorating the nursery. This can be a strong way to bond with your unborn child, creating a special, beautiful and unique room for the new addition to your family.

Here are some of the top trends for nursery décor this year:

Monochrome themes

A monochrome theme means a room that’s decorated all in one colour. White is a popular shade, especially if you don’t know the sex of your unborn baby. Black and white has also risen in popularity, despite not being a traditionally babyish theme. It’s down to the fresh, clean lines and pared back minimalism that is right on trend in 2019.

Softened white with natural wood

If all-white seems a little too clinical, softening it up with Scandi style natural wood is a popular design choice. It is both peaceful and calming, something that’s important when you’re carrying out a 3am feed and nappy change!

Stars, garlands and bunting

These decorations are such a sweet and fun addition to add a pop of colour to a nursery and can be easily changed when baby gets a little older. Paper flowers are a sweet alternative for a baby girl.

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Animals have always been an important part of nursery décor and you can have your favourite animals everywhere – on the walls, bedding, toys, curtains and blinds. Cute animals are always a safe option for a baby’s room.


Creating a dreamy quality, popular motifs include moons, stars, clouds and rainbows. They have a charming, child-friendly quality that is calming and peaceful too.


If you decide on a single colour scheme, you can add interest and texture by using many tints and different textures of that colour. It’s a useful way to make a room blend well without having too much of a theme.


The nursing chair should blend in but remember, this a grown-up piece of furniture so, think about what you want. Remember this chair can be repurposed in another part of the home when no longer required for feeding. Consider adding an element of fun, function and comfort with the Eames Rocking Chair. Get your replica Eames Rocking Chair today from Pash Classics.

Soft lighting

You’ll want gentle lighting in a nursery, soft on baby’s eyes and not too bright during night feeds and changes. Think flower, string and fairy lights for a softer take on things.

Bringing in the outdoors

Natural elements are on trend right now and bringing in floral, leaf, seashell and tropical designs on décor and wallpaper brings a light freshness to the room, as does including real plants.


Lettering remains popular, with items like name signs, letter boards and hand lettered signage providing a fun element to nursery décor.

Black out blinds

One of the most important elements to include is black out blinds. For anyone who desires to sleep past 4.30am in the summer, they are worth their weight in gold!


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