Top Cars to check out if you have just Passed your Driving Test

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Getting a car as a new driver is an exciting time. There are many kinds of vehicles on the road, and as a new driver you will want a safe, reliable model that will transport you wherever you need to go and allow you to acquire valuable experience of driving in all kinds of weather and traffic conditions. Being a new driver could mean that you don’t have as much confidence as experienced drivers behind the wheel, so it’s important to remember that taking small steps is the best way to gain confidence as a new driver, for example if you’re planning a trip across the country, it’s probably best to take a train, or to use a Coach Hire Dorset based company such as as transport for now – that is until you are used to driving longer journeys.

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Safety First

The Skoda Citigo is considered to be one of the safest cars on the road, whether purchased new or second-hand. It is a compact model that has undergone crash testing and come through it with excellent five-star results. You can even opt for a Citigo that has a safety pack. Skodas can also have a City Safe system, which will detect hazards and apply the brakes even if the driver has not noticed them. This adds up to safer driving and should have a positive effect on insurance too. The design of roads also has an effect on safety. For more on that, see this report in The Guardian.


New drivers are often a bit short on cash, so a VW Polo is a good choice for buyers wanting a used vehicle that offers good value. For those with a bit more to spend who really want a new car, then the Hyundai i10 includes a great range of features and also comes with a warranty that lasts for five years for peace of mind.

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Save on Insurance

The Ford Ka has an impressive pedigree as a reliable compact model that delivers great performance for a very reasonable cost. Not only will the Ka accommodate limited budgets, it is cheap to run and qualifies for the least costly tiers in terms of insurance.

Of course, if you work in the sector, it is vital to have motor trade insurance and ensure that you are properly covered whatever happens. If you want to learn more about great deals in motor trade insurance, then it would make sense to look at comparison websites.


Choosing a car is largely a matter of personal preference and budget. It may help to test-drive a few models to see that you like. Whatever car you choose, always remember that safety and adequate insurance are absolutely vital.

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