Thinking of sending a festive food hamper to the US?

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Christmas is coming, along with the festive treats that we all love, like Christmas cakes and puddings, sweet mince pies, sausages wrapped in bacon and of course, the great British must-have, Brussels sprouts!

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Chances are your family, friends or work contacts living in the US would love a gift hamper filled with delicious, authentic and comforting British food goodies and treats. What a unique gift!

Putting together a hamper of food to gift to someone else is pretty straightforward, but when it’s to be sent to the USA, there are some important guidelines to follow to help your cargo arrive safely at its destination.

Tip 1 – Follow the rules about allowable content

Pack items in their original packaging, completely sealed, with an undamaged ingredients list. Don’t unpack and repack items, even if doing that would save space. Never send fresh food, and make sure other items have a use by or best before date which is longer than 6 months from the day it is shipped.

Tip 2 – Package properly

Don’t skimp on the box you pack your festive food into. It has a long journey ahead! Use bubble wrap or similar to cushion items and fill gaps, then seal your box securely. Finally, make sure the address and declaration paperwork is secure, accurate and legible.

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Tip 3 – Follow the legal rules

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) now requires advance notice of food items being sent a gifts, but they tend to overlook this if the item is a personal gift sent between individuals. Remember to only send commercially sealed and packaged food – never fresh or cooked food, such as sausage, or loose consumables, such as tea leaves.

Tip 4 – Use a delivery service you trust

There are now thriving networks of couriers able and willing to deliver parcels faster than regular delivery companies. For example, in Bracknell couriers such as provide an efficient and trustworthy delivery service in various formats. Similar options exist for sending items internationally too.

Christmas is definitely the season to give, share and generally help each other out, so get busy choosing, packing and sending that amazing festive food gift to a deserving person in another part of the world.

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