KYMCO Like 125

Test KYMCO Like 125 2018: anticipating the future

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KYMCO continues to anticipate the future. I’ll explain it to you in the next test of the new KYMCO Like 125 2018. A scooter with a clearly neo-retro design and that has improved in all aspects in relation to the version that precedes it -8 years of difference between the two-, everything is said-. The changes have obviously gone better.

But before talking about everything that contains the new Like 125, which comes at a price of 3100 dollars with insurance coverage including theft, it is convenient to explain the strategy that KYMCO has followed with this model and that marks a line to continue looking to the future in the Taiwanese firm. Continue reading: Audi R8 Spyder vs Mercedes-AMG SL 63

What is KYMCO Like 125?

KYMCO Like 125

As you well know, KYMCO is a brand that is betting a lot on new forms of mobility and making the models in its catalog more efficient. The KYMCO Like 125 2018 is an example of this, as the KYMCO engineers did not want to stick exclusively to the guidelines of the Euro4 regulations, but have gone a step further.

The Like 125 engine is the first air-cooled engine to think about the next Euro5 emissions regulation, which will come into force in 2020. To do this, the new single-cylinder 125cc engine has been optimized with the aim of being still more efficient.

This way, from KYMCO they assure that this new engine emits 34% fewer emissions relative to carbon monoxide (CO), 33% fewer hydrocarbons (33%) and 37% less in relation to nitrogen oxide (NOx). All these numbers are in comparison with the data of the Euro4, and in the absence of Brussels dictates the limits of the Euro5, in KYMCO, are confident that the new Like 125 2018 will meet these standards.

We start the test

KYMCO Like 125

I upload for the first time to the new KYMCO Like 125 2018 , I put the contact and in the instrumentation panel I find an analog clock and a modern typeface and nice to look at a small digital screen in which I see various data of information (battery level, kilometers accumulated, hour, etc). I start and I start.

The presentation to the press of the KYMCO Like 125 took place in the cobbled streets of Segovia. The Taiwanese brand claims to have greatly improved the effectiveness of the chassis, as well as the suspensions, in such a way that absorption was presented as one of its strengths.

The truth is that, without removing any merit to the work of KYMCO in the cycle part of the Like, the fact that the route was mostly cobblestone made the sensations at the handlebars were not ideal at all and could not be assessed either with accuracy the improvement or not of the suspensions.

However, in those sections where the road was smoother, I could see that, indeed, the new Like 125 absorbs very well the irregularities of the asphalt. At the time of passing the speed bumps, the stability is the predominant tonic and you can pass at a reasonable speed without your body suffering in that sense.

Motor behavior

KYMCO Like 125

One of the things that I was most interested in discovering in the KYMCO Like 125 2018 test was to see how the engine behaved. The engines of KYMCO have seen their power diminished with the arrival of the Euro4, and common sense invited to think that with the Euro5 the tonic was going to follow the same path. It was a nice mistake.

Not only has not reduced its power, but it has increased to 11.6 hp at 8,500 rpm, which is an improvement of 2 HP over the previous Like. This is due to the new design of the cylinder head, lighter and also to the improvement experienced by the bearings in the rockers, similar to those used in the Super Dink.

Another point stressed by KYMCO in the presentation was the reduction of engine noise, thanks to the inclusion of a fixing plate in the crankshaft bearing and a resonance box in the air filter. This measure is another forecast of KYMCO for the future Euro5 in the absence of knowing what will be the limit set by Brussels. Now, is this noise reduction really so obvious?

The truth is that during the test I did not notice a drastic reduction of the sound of the propeller, but there is no doubt that KYMCO has studied and investigated a lot in this section and will certainly be a reference within it.

On the other hand, the thrust of the engine is especially noticeable at low turns and on the slopes, where the set responds correctly considering that a scooter of these characteristics falters in similar situations. In general terms I found an improved engine and offers an official consumption of 2.8 liters per 100 kilometers (the tank has 6.5 liters capacity).

Very agile in the urban environment

KYMCO Like 125

The fact of making the route in the afternoon and travel through tourist areas of Segovia as the Aqueduct or the Plaza Mayor forced me to test the direction and agility of the KYMCO Like 125 to be able to properly develop in the urban jungle. I loved the touch of the steering and the response of the rear brake, direct and effective at the same time.

On the other hand, the front brake seemed somewhat weak, especially when braking stronger than normal. For me, it was easy to beat and I think that some responsibility has the fact of using the combined braking system CBS instead of ABS. But of course, it is a scooter or 3100 dollars that can not have the most cutting-edge technology. It is not your battle.

Design and functionality

KYMCO Like 125

The main step forward of the KYMCO Like 125 has come, in my opinion, in the aesthetic section. The lines are much more attractive and also convey a lot of personality to this scooter. Other similar models of Asian manufacturers fall into the error of wanting to look too much like the Vespa, and instead, KYMCO has followed a different path that personally excites me.

The materials, as in any scooter at a good price, are what they are. It is appreciated to see that not everything is plastic and that you try to simulate the presence of chrome elements on the edges of the body. The handles also have a quality design and can be a differentiator with respect to the competition.

As for the functional section, the new KYMCO Like 125 2018 has the capacity for a jet helmet under its seat. Could I have more space? Yes, but I am also one of those who thinks that this bike is aimed at an audience that does not look so much for the practical and yes more for the aesthetic. I actually was about to use a jet helmet on the test and then I regretted it. It is clear that the typical user will wear this type of helmet and not an integral one.

KYMCO Like 125

As explained to us by Carlos Wang, General Director of Motorcycles of KYMCO Spain, the Like 125 is located right in the middle of the KYMCO range. Behind it are the more accessible high wheel, Agility City 125, and the Miler 125, focused on the female audience. And the Grand Dink 125 and the Super Dink 125, both belonging to the GT range, are already ahead.

In conclusion, I would only add that the KYMCO Like 125 demonstrates once again a fact that many professionals in the sector maintain. The Taiwanese house has ceased to be a brand that only sold cheap and accessible scooters to start being a manufacturer that also looks for quality while maintaining very competitive prices. And the Like 125 perfectly represents this step forward. Read also:

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