Six Key Looks for the Changeable April Weather

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On 20th March, the Spring equinox arrives and we eagerly await the warmer climate, not to mention the chance to wear our summer wardrobe.

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However, with spring’s notoriously changeable weather often including a combination of rain, high winds, and sunshine merely hours apart, what should you wear in this most unpredictable of seasons?

We’ll guide you through six key looks for the changeable April weather.

1. Light Layers

Spring is the perfect season to experiment and get acquainted with clever light layering. Consider wearing light pieces, such as maxi dresses found at and a denim jacket, which will keep you warm on the colder April days.

Also consider experimenting with polished shirt dresses paired with trousers and sleek flat shoes.

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2. A Bright Knit Jumper and Tan Bag

A brightly knitted jumper is all your wardrobe needs to make a bold and stylish statement until the summer arrives.

Experiment with neutral, vivid hues of wool, paired with a tan leather bag and ecru jeans for a fresh outfit this spring.

3. Slip Skirt and Oversized Blazer

Slip skirts became a must-have during the party season and still remain a wardrobe staple this spring.

Keep them seasonable and up-to-date by pairing a slip skirt with a slogan tee shirt and oversized blazer for a chic April ensemble.

4. Double Denim

A denim jacket is a garment that never goes out of style, and it’s a perfect jacket for spring.

Denim and lighter jackets provide the perfect level of warmth without causing a sweat if the sun finally appears from behind the clouds.

A past fashion faux pas, double denim is back and looking fresh once again. Take your lead from the fashionistas of Instagram and wear your denim jacket with a straw tote bag and your favourite jeans.

5. Jumpsuit With Matching Accessories

The coolest colour accessories this season are a belt bag and strappy sandals. These items work particularly well with boiler suits, which can be found in high street stores and luxury boutiques alike this spring.

6. Floral Dress With Trainers

Dresses are always extremely popular during the spring, but it is essential to update them for the new season.

Consider wearing your favourite floral dress with a leather tote bag and a pair of cool, clean trainers.

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