School Transportation: Recommendations for Safe Travel

school transportation
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We tell you the specials recommendations of school transportation that must be taken into account when handling a school transport vehicle safely.

Finding the Right Vehicle

The school bus should be enough to avoid problems with traffic authorities. Remember that vehicles used for this activity should be cars, mini buses, vans, buses whose age does not exceed 10 years.

school transportation
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Fulfill the requirements

In order to drive a school transport vehicle, it is necessary to comply with the following requirements before the national authorities:

  • The request addressed to the municipal transport authority, signed by the owner of the vehicle.
  • The copy of the service contract concluded between the owner of the vehicle and the parent or contracting entity of the service.
  • Motor vehicle transit license.
  • Obligatory Insurance for Traffic Accidents – SOAT – and certificate of technical-mechanical review and current gases.
  • Certification of the bidirectional communication system between the service contractor and the driver of the vehicle.
  • The copy of the contractual and non-contractual civil liability policies in force.

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Every driver of a school transportation vehicle must be insured against any of the following events: death, permanent disability, temporary disability, medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospital expenses. For the noncontractual policy, it must be covered before death or injury to one or more persons and damage to property of third parties.

Vehicle Arrangements

The car must be green and/or white throughout the body of the vehicle, alternating stripes of 10 centimeters wide yellow and black. In the upper and rear part of the body, you should carry the word “school” in highlighted letters.

Driving at the permitted speed

When driving a school bus, the maximum speed allowed is 40 kilometers per hour. Avoid sanctions.

school transportation
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For any reason, the passengers of the vehicle must go on foot. All must occupy a seat, with the seat belt properly fastened.


Throughout the course, students must be accompanied by a responsible adult who supervises the behavior of the children at all times. In addition, the driver must have a two-way communication system with the school and parents.

Attitude of the driver

The driver of a school transportation vehicle must be aware of the risk that his work means. That is why you must respect traffic regulations, drive at the right speed, avoid distractions when driving, avoid drug and alcohol use before and during driving, among others.

Road equipment

Remember to bring the road kit and the first aid kit of the vehicle with all the implements necessary to attend to the passengers in case of a traffic accident.


Remember that you have a huge responsibility in your hands when driving a school transport vehicle. For this, we invite you to take this work with all the seriousness and responsibility of the case. Drive with proper precautions.

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