Remembering at the NMA

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The NMA or National Memorial Arboretum is the location of the nation’s main dedicated area of Remembrance; where the spirit of honouring the fallen lives on, recognizing the service and sacrifice of those in the military and fostering a continued pride in our country.

The Arboretum falls under the umbrella of The Royal British Legion group of charities, employing 50 staff and boasting more than 200 volunteers.

Located right at the very heart of the country, the Arboretum has thirty thousand trees and more than 330 memorials. It is a stunning and timeless tribute to those who have served their country, have been killed in the conflict or have a special reason to be remembered.

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All kinds of visitors come to the Arboretum, approximately 300,000 every year, including members of the military, veterans, students, groups and individuals.

More than 200 special events are held each year, as well as a special ceremony of Remembrance that takes place every single daily, including a respectful silence for prayer or contemplation.

Armed Forces Memorial

This special Memorial, which was opened by the Queen in 2007, is a British award for more than 16,000 servicemen and women who have sadly died whilst serving or because of terrorist actions since 1948 until now. New names are carved each year to the walls of the Portland stone.

The Memorial was constructed in such a way as to feature a ray of sunlight that lands on a bouquet of flowers carved in stone in the exact centre of 11:00 am on the 11th day of the 11th month.

An integral part of the Memorial is the Obelisk, which was designed especially as a dedication to all who gave their lives in service. Written on the Obelisk is an inscription that reads “they died serving their country, we will remember them”.

Of course, the memorial also recognizes and acknowledges the bravery and pain of the family and friends left behind, and is concerned with providing valuable support for the bereaved during hard times and at various different stages in their lives. Many people choose to plant trees to remember a loved one who has passed. If you have a special tree in your garden that you want to care for and maintain, seek the advice of a Tree Surgeon Bournemouth at a site like

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The Arboretum welcomes school groups of all ages, with more than 15,000 visiting each year. The educational resource centre has a dedicated team and the learning programme offers a one stop shop for teachers who want to organize stimulating and memorable student experiences.


A continual increase in the number of visitors has led to the need for significant projects to be undertaken to provide more space and a higher quality of buildings and infrastructure.

In October 2016, a £ 15.7m Remembrance Centre was opened, following a major fundraising campaign supported by various individuals and organizations including Staffordshire County Council, Heritage Lottery Fund and the Royal British Legion.

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