Purple Drank Review: Sizzurp A party drinks to celebrate a good time

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For a specific part of the Southern hip-hop singers, cough syrup was recreational pastime liquor that goes too far with adding the mint juleps now at events like Kentucky Derby or may be adding the Busch Light at the event Indy 500. You will find in all over Portland, it is a desperate medical need for a crack down the hack off this fits that spreading all over by a winter bug without any alarm. But there is a thing that all of us will agree on: Whatever the Codeine taste is, but the result it will deliver is a lot of fun.

Perhaps it may be more than that…it’s too fun. I was kind of lucky to get the cough syrup include the desired codeine on it due to my mild case of pneumonia. And of course the online deserves very big thanks also. I got the formula for chopped and screwed Purple Drank: 8 ounces of codeine, a bottle of Sprite and promethazine contain cough syrup and a couple of Jolly Rancher sweet candies.

But I was not a big fan of Sprite. So I decide to get some local alternatives to Sprite. What I got is a Hotlips lemon soda bottle to try something new with masking the cloying and bittersweet goop. And you can add a cheap gin along with Hotlips lemon soda and trust me that will be awesome.  How about trying some Crater Lake’s lemon-lime sizzurp? However, that was a refreshing drink to celebrate some good times and hang out with friends. The best part of it was having grapefruit-pink liquor and it was effervescent and smooth. Imagine how cool is that having a chilled glass of Purple Drank with a cherry Pop that is melting down at the cup.

You can imagine the awesome feeling that I have been going through— there was a crazy environment and my body was buzzing to being with Purple Drank and enjoy every single moment of my party—Later I played a hip-hop music soundtrack to give the scenario a perfect party feeling. That’s was the best moment of my life with experience the best taste of sizzurp purple drink. Here you can find more information: http://purpledranksizzurp.com/

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