Pornography and Teenagers

Pornography and Teenagers

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Half of the adolescents in this world have ever seen pornography. The problem is far from disappearing.

Important information for parents, below:

David and Marta were not shocked when they found out that their 13-year-old daughter, Manuela, had seen pornography online. And although the girl defended herself by saying that it was a classmate who sent her erotic videos to her email, the damage was done. Concerned, the parents talked to school officials about the situation and avoid further attacks in the future.

Pornography is a direct and real threat to modern teenagers: In addition to today you can easily find any type of adult content on television or the Internet, there are phenomena such as sexting, which consists of the sending and distribution of erotic material by means of mobile phones, and grooming , or deliberate actions by an adult to deceive a child and thus obtain sexual satisfaction at the expense of images and videos with high sexual content.

Pornography and Teenagers

Alarming data

A study carried out in the USA found that “Half of the minors have seen pornography online, and four percent of children between 11 and 12 years old receive sexual content on their mobile phone. Social networking sites have also helped to sexualize relationships.
The research also says that “The vast majority of teenagers are searching the internet, from the comfort of anonymity, and often out of curiosity, but you have to keep in mind that not everything you are going to find is true“.

A study in Britain is more pessimistic. The research, conducted by the University of Middlesex in the United Kingdom, says: “Pornography has been linked to unrealistic attitudes about sex, beliefs that women are sexual objects, opinions about sex, and children and young people who view pornography they tend to take fewer attitudes of the progressive genre.

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The gent and young people see these images sexualized every day and in a variety of contexts and not yet fully understand how this process, and how or if they even make a distinction between, let to say, a music video and pornography.

Communication, the key

Apart from being aware of teenagers and the way they use the resources they have at home to communicate and access this type of content, some strategies to prevent pornography from damaging them are:

It is the parents’ job to know who they go out with, who they play with, what they do on the Internet, with whom they communicate, etc.

Pornography and Teenagers
Stop Pornography

It is important that parents balance the amount of information, including sexual, that children receive from the media. Supervising is as important as accompanying.
Many teens look for pornography for lack of information and embarrassment about talking about sex. So do not assume anything when they start asking questions. If a boy is asking what age it is normal to start having sex, it does not mean that he is thinking of starting something.

Allow your child to express himself, give his opinions and even if you do not share them, invite them. If you cut off your freedom of expression, you are giving the message that you can not talk to your parents and communication breaks.

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