How to nourish hairĀ 

10 tricks to nourish your hair

We are never completely happy with our hair, that is a universal truth. If our hair is curly we would like to have it straight, and when it is straight we envy the hair with volume. The same happens with …

motorcycle anti theft

Motorcycle anti theft system: How to do it?

Cables, pins, forks, chains, disc locks, ground anchoring systems or alarms are the most effective mechanisms to prevent the theft of motorcycles.

retail store risk assessment

Retail store risk assessment: What are the risks?

Several entrepreneurs dream of opening a lucrative store, be it a high-end electronics dealership or a modest but elegant clothing boutique. However, opening a retail store is not without risks. Business owners should ensure a variety of conditions that are …

Photoshop shortcut keys list

50 useful mastering photoshop shortcut keys list

We reviewed the 50 basic keyboard shortcuts to handle Photoshop with greater ease. If you use this editing tool, you can not miss it. Photoshop is one of the best-known photo editing and retouching programs in the world. It allows …

toxic erythema

Toxic erythema: rash with red pimples on the skin of the newborn

There is another type of skin redness: toxic. This condition is characterized by more serious manifestations. There is such disease much less common physiological. It is considered the second stage of ordinary erythema. The condition is directly related to the …

record computer screen vlc

How to record computer screen with VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player has become one of the best players of recent times. However, it does not only work as a multimedia player, although it seems hard to believe because VLC helps you record your computer screen. It is a …

how to use a portable battery charger

Portable battery charger: how to use a portable battery charger

When you look for a quick and convenient way to recharge your smartphone wherever you are you can take advantage of different devices: in the article, we’ll clarify how to use a portable battery charger. You have finally decided to …

Earn quick money

Earn quick money in the 21st century

There is currently a very interesting debate about the effect of the fourth industrial revolution related to robotics and artificial intelligence. While some say that artificial intelligence destroys employment, others say that employment will be more sophisticated, since they will …

How to make your device compatible with any app

How to make your device compatible with any app?

From time to time we find the typical message on Google Play: “This application is not compatible with your device” or “is not available in your country.” We’re going to try to help you bypass this restriction. Unfortunately, the best …

Diabetes and gum disease

Diabetes and gum disease: How diabetes affects oral health?

Diabetes affects oral health. Studies show about diabetes and gum disease. People with diabetes have a higher incidence of gum disease, periodontitis. But they are not the only complaints related to oral health that these patients can suffer.