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Motorcycle anti theft system: How to do it?

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Cables, pins, forks, chains, disc locks, ground anchoring systems or alarms are the most effective mechanisms to prevent the theft of motorcycles.

It is often said that if you want to steal the motorcycle, you end up stealing it. It will only depend on the degree of professionalism of the friend of the stranger in question and the commitment that he puts into the task. Having said that, obviously, that maxim does not always have to be fulfilled. At least, you have to put it as hard as possible to the shit. For this, it is advisable to know the different anti-theft systems that exist in the market for the motorcycle. Keep reading: Test KYMCO Like 125 2018: anticipating the future

Questions about the motorcycle anti theft system

motorcycle anti theft

Why is it worth it to use anti-theft devices if, in the end, the bums take the bikes?

The longer it takes to get the bike, the more chances to catch them. The more measures you put, the later
If you are not a “professional” thief and you are just a big hand, you may not want to take it because it is very complicated to open several locks. And there is always the possibility that the caco seeks a “victim” that makes it easier. You have to know also that in Spain many motorcycles are stolen directly by uploading them to a van “by hand”. That’s why it’s important to “tie the bike to an immobile element”

Tie the motorcycle with key

Tie the motorcycle with key

From the outset, it should be noted that the efficiency of any security system depends largely on the use that is given, especially that the motorcycle is tied by it to a support: streetlights, bars or anchors specifically located in the city to lock the vehicles on two wheels. Many of the solid urban elements that can be surrounded by one of these mechanisms are often used.

Also, if these security measures are accompanied by others, such as security guards, cameras or covered parking spaces, then better. That the motorcycle ‘sleeps’ under the roof of those is very advisable. Whenever possible, of course.

However, given that the greatest dangers occur outside the garage or parking, we will focus especially on the systems that prevent the theft of the motorcycle in open environments.

The main anti-theft devices for motorcycles

Thus, anti-theft mechanisms for motorcycles there are for all tastes, sizes, shapes, prices, quality and even those that are more comfortable depending on the time of stop or parking in each case. Here we show you the main ones, although as always we recommend with any product, the idea that you do with the one that best suits your motorcycle, your demand, and your pocket.

Tie your bike to the ground or wall

Unusual outside of the garage is that one of the wheels – usually the front – is embedded in a mechanism that is previously fixed to a wall or floor. These models have security screws that are very difficult to dismantle, but, logically, they can not be used anywhere.

Tie your bike to the ground or wall

This would be the system chosen to store the motorcycle in the garage at home, for example.

Mechanisms that block the wheel

These are very common. What they do is prevent the wheel from spinning by holding it to some solid support such as bollards, traffic signs, etc. Again, it is about taking advantage of the elements of street furniture. These are some systems to prevent the theft of the motorcycle that uses this formula:

The chains, which will be more or less efficient according to their thickness and the quality of the material that forms them. The pythons, which are similar to the previous ones but their links are more compact, being more united between them. Both in the previous case and in this one, they can be covered by a plastic or a protective fabric to strengthen them (the pythons are almost always lined).

The forks, also known as ‘ues’ for their shape. To block the wheel, the lock must be opened, the U-shaped piece separated and again closed around the element of the motorcycle to be moored. The wires. Perhaps the weakest are simple to apply.

Disk anti-theft


Disk anti-theft

Comfortable, manageable, occupy little space and there are tremendously effective. The anti-theft system is attached to the brake disc and prevents the movement of the motorcycle, although this is not tied to any element.

Combine two anti-theft systems

Anti-theft mechanisms tend not to be exclusive. In other words, it is possible to use more than one anti-theft system at a time to protect the motorcycle.

As is logical, the use of two or more security mechanisms makes it more complicated for the motorcycle to be stolen. For example, the combination of a python and a disc anti-theft will make the hulking think before stealing the bike.

In the end, it is about putting the greatest number of impediments to the theft of the motorcycle, since before a motorcycle without security and another that does, the thieves will almost always opt for the simplest one.

Anti-theft alarms

Anti-theft alarms

In the same way, there are also anti-theft discs that carry built-in wings. By themselves, they form the other large group of theft prevention systems and act as a deterrent. As already indicated, any mechanism that involves making it difficult for thieves is welcome.

In this case, to the difficulty of taking the bike, the sound element is added. In other words, everyone will hear that something happens with your motorcycle.

Does the motorcycle sleep on the street or in a garage? Community or private?

Statistically, more motorcycles are stolen in individual garages than in community garages: community garages have more user traffic, and often have measures such as cameras or guards in many cases.

Remember. If your motorbike is stolen in a community garage, ask if the garage itself has an anti-theft insurance! Sometimes it is like this and you can claim the insurer the theft of your motorcycle.

Many times the case prefers the “privacy” of stealing in a garage to do it on public roads, especially if he has to manipulate padlocks and antirobot.

Theft coverage in motorcycle insurance

motorcycle insurance

This is a possibility that should never be forgotten. To prevent the loss you can hire the coverage for theft in motorcycle insurance. This will compensate you in case your motorcycle is stolen, but it can also cover the damages that the machine suffers in case of the theft attempt. This is precisely the difference between total and partial theft in motorcycle insurance.

When hiring the theft insurance for the motorcycle the key is to know what is included and what the policy excludes. The most common is that the non-fixed elements are excluded if they are not standard and are not expressly stated in the policy. However, the key to choosing coverage for theft is the compensation you will receive.

Insurance companies will pay differently if the bike has one year than if it has three. Also, they do not always speak in clear language. The most usual is that from the second or third year of registration the compensation corresponds to the venal value of the motorcycle. Do not you know what this means or how it is calculated?

Differences between the theft of a motorcycle and theft?

motorcycle and theft

The difference between theft and theft is that in the first case there is violence over people or force over things. That is to say, that the thief, to take the motorcycle, must either exert violence (you get off, for example, the motorcycle threatening to hurt you) or force things (open a lock with tools or break a lock).

That is, if you leave your bike with the keys on and take it away, it is not a robbery but a theft. That is why it is important to put anti-theft measures, not only to prevent theft, but also in case they end up carrying it, and the authorities arrest the thief, the penalty to be met will be another.

And the pieces of the motorcycle?

The theft of pieces is the order of the day. In fact, they even go so far as to make robberies “by request”: the thief has a client who asks for a specific piece, and he looks for it, steals it and sells it.

Remember that in the case of insurance coverage theft can be “total theft” (or the entire motorcycle disappears or is not covered) and “partial theft” (I have stolen a piece of the fairing and the insurance covers it). Insurance with partial theft clauses is obviously more expensive.

And you have to take into account that the insurance usually covers the standard vehicle with the accessories installed at the factory: it is not usually recognized the restitution of those heated cuffs that you installed or the trunk top case.

The motorcycle has been stolen. What do I do?

motorcycle has been stolen

In case your motorcycle is stolen, the first thing you will do is go to the police to put the report and contact the motorcycle insurance. At this point, it does not matter if you have contracted coverage for theft or not. The important thing is that the insurer knows that your motorcycle has been stolen and that any infraction or accident in which it is involved will not be your responsibility.

From there, we will only have to wait if the motorcycle finally appears. If this is not the case, the insurer will indemnify you after 40 days (there are some that extend the terms). If after the motorcycle appears, you can choose between staying with the compensation that you have already paid or return and recover the motorcycle anti theft system. You might also read:

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