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Mobile phone stolen, what now? We show it!

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The smartphone has been stolen and now everything is gone? Not necessarily, our checklist helps. But what is to do after a theft and is there still hope to get the phone back? We show step by step how to behave after the theft. Should all cords but tear, only a cell phone insurance help.

Really a cell phone theft?

Mobile phone
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Whether after a long night or the morning walk to the subway, who has the feeling that the cell phone was stolen, should first check whether the smartphone was really stolen.

Often, a simple phone call helps and the mobile phone is still in the bag or simply found in a bar or the way home. If it is in the hands of an honest finder, it needs a contact. When calling, this works best.

But let’s assume that the mobile phone was stolen …

Lock SIM and record device number

To limit the damage, it is extremely important to lock the SIM card as quickly as possible. To lock, we need the phone number, the SIM card number (which is on the SIM) and the customer number and password. These data should be best stored on a computer at home, then the SIM can be blocked immediately in case of emergency.

In addition, each device has a unique IMEI. This is a device identification number, also the owner should know, in order to be able to identify the device if necessary police. In order to read the IMEI from the device, it is sufficient to call the * # 06 # “.

Mobile phone
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Also, all relevant data from the smartphone should be regularly stored in the form of backups on the local computer. Cloud services can also help protect your most important data when the phone is stolen. Or just go for a swim.

Find or “kill”

Modern smartphones have GPS access. Through the connected accounts of Google or Apple, it is easy to locate the smartphone from any computer or smartphone of a friend and then call it from the environment. Maybe it’s only in a bush.

Special anti-theft apps also help to protect the phone and make photos of the delinquents when they try to unlock the phone. In part, the apps also offer special alarm functions.

Many modern smartphones also have a kill switch. Here you initiate a deletion of all data on the phone and make the smartphone unusable.

So the thief has not stolen anything except a flat piece of metal and glass. Surely only a weak consolation, but at least nobody cares private pictures or has fun with the smartphone.

However, services such as localization require that the stolen smartphone has already been proactively granted access to the location data. However, these services only work when the smartphone is connected to the network – so a quick response is required. If the thief removes the SIM card and resets the device, there is no longer any chance to retrieve the smartphone.

Without preparation, it does not work

If the mobile phone was stolen, its destiny depends on a good deal in the past. Therefore, we recommend making regular backups and activating the site services. This is how owners locate their stolen smartphone and even in the worst case, not all data is lost.

With a comprehensive precaution, saving all relevant data and numbers and a quick response after the theft, the horror scenario mobile phone can be stolen sensibly.

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