Mechanical technical review

Mechanical technical review for 2017: a process not to forget.

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The Mechanical and Gases Technical Review is a mandatory compliance procedure for vehicles traveling on streets. We remind you of the importance of this important procedure, below.

The Mechanical and Gases Technical Review is the only certificate that guarantees that a vehicle is in optimum electrical and mechanical conditions to drive through street. And that the polluting gases it emits do not alter the environment . This process is mandatory for drivers of heavy vehicles, motorcycles, private individuals and public service vehicles in the country.

Mechanical technical review
Heavy vehicles

A correct diagnosis

The mechanical technical review carried out in the different FWHA of the country reviews the different parts of the vehicle. Including the engine, suspension, brakes, engine, chassis, lights, tires, wheels, seats, glass, steering, mirrors, wipers, etc. Defects in these systems are classified as type A (serious ones, which implies imminent danger for the person driving the vehicle and the companions) and type B (which have a potential type of risk).

 public service vehicles
public service vehicles

For a vehicle to pass the mechanical and gas technical review it cannot have any type A defect and that Type B defects are less than 10 for individuals, less than 7 for motorcycles and less than 5 for public service vehicles.

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If the vehicle does not pass the mechanical and gas technical revision, a mechanical workshop must be visited so that they can review and make the improvements recommended by the expert personnel of the FWHA. When you are ready, the vehicle must be brought back to the FWHA to certify that your vehicle has achieved optimum operating conditions thanks to the arrangement of these faults and thus obtain the certificate of Mechanical and Gas Technical Review.

When is made?

According to law, public service vehicles and motorcycles must perform the mechanical and gas technical revision to their vehicles two years after the issuance of the registration. After this review, the procedure must be carried out each year.

Private cars must carry out the mechanical and gas technical revision 6 years after the issue of the license plate. After this period, you must do it every year.

Remember that the fine for not carrying the technical – mechanical review of the vehicle is 15 minimum daily legal wages in force. In addition, the vehicle will be immediately immobilized.

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