Makeup mistakes

Makeup mistakes that weaken your lashes

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We all dream of having long and populated lashes. However, sometimes this is not possible because of our genetic component, but also because we may be making mistakes when we put on make-up, which makes them weaken and break, making them even shorter or causing them to fall. Next, we tell you what these errors are so that you never make them.

6 Makeup mistakes

Note down these makeup mistakes that weaken your lashes. Let’s start. Keep reading: Carrying a purse can put your health at risk

Makeup mistakes

Waterproof mask

The formula of the waterproof mask may seem like a good idea to prevent your makeup from running; however, their daily use can harden and make them heavy and brittle, in addition to putting more pressure to remove it can get to pull, it is best to use this formula only on special occasions that really merit it.

Use expired makeup

The mask should not last more than 2 or 3 months in your toilet since it is a formula that can cause the appearance of bacteria and could end with an infection in the eyes. All your products like eyeliner, shadows, and mascara have a life limit, which we must check for hygiene.

Sleeping with makeup

Makeup mistakes

Sleeping with makeup accelerates aging and clogs pores, in the case of your eyelashes, the mask dries out and makes them more susceptible to cracking with the pressure of the pillow.

Wash your tools

The brush of your mask should also be washed with a little shampoo and water, this will prevent bacteria from accumulating that weaken your lashes.

Makeup mistakes

Share makeup

Makeup is something very personal that we should never share with anyone, it does not matter if it is a friend or a relative and the reason is that we all have different bacteria and antibodies so even if you think that the other person is healthy, you really do not know if you can catch any infection, especially the eye area is very delicate and we should not expose it to unhealthy situations.

Use curling iron

The curler can be a great ally in making our lashes look longer. However, to avoid damaging them, we must use it before applying the mask and away from the root without applying much pressure.

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