IPad (2017)

IPad (2017), analysis: cheaper is not less good

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The iPhone SE, a more affordable Apple smartphone, repeats the company with the new iPad (2017), the tablet with iOS that has its main attraction in the price and the return of the tablet to its origin, away from discussions about PostScript era. And that’s not bad.

That’s the iPad (2017)

The new iPad (2017) is to iPad Pro what the iPhone SE to its older brothers. Overall. With some more step by step. But the idea is the same: a model of entry into the price but in which we ensure a very good performance in the basics.

IPad (2017)
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  • PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS: 240 x 169.5 x 7.5 mm

469 grams only WiFi

478 grams WiFi + LTE

  • SCREEN:  9.7 inches
  • RESOLUTION: 2048 x 1536 pixels (264 dpi)
  • PROCESSOR: Apple A9
  • RAM: 2GB
  • MEMORY: 32/128 GB (not expandable)
  • SENSORS: Touch ID
  • Accelerometer: Barometer Ambient
  • CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth 4.2
  • Wi-Fi: (802.11a / b / g / n / a)
  • CAMERA: 8 MP rear, 5 MP front
  • BATTERY: 32.4 watts / hour (non-removable)
  • PRICE:

32 GB + Wi-Fi is $430

128 GB + Wi-Fi is $550

32 GB + LTE is $610

128 GB + LTE is $720

With the iPad Pro as Apple’s reference tablet, the new iPad (2017) lowers its price to stand at a tantalizing $430. It does not logically without sacrificing at different levels. That in Apple means choosing a design and a previous generation screen somewhat improved (iPad Air 2), dimensions of the iPad Air and a processor that is not the latest in the company.

IPad (2017)
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With the iPad (2017) the user ensures performance, battery and a good screen for a very interesting price. But it’s not the best Apple has today.

That amalgam of components has consequences at all levels. In design, it turns out that this iPad (2017) is as thick and heavy as the original iPad Air, almost 4 years ago. They are 469 grams and 7.5 mm thick. Beyond the figures (in the end, it is less than 1.5 mm thick and 30 grams of weight difference with the iPad Pro), in the day to day is not something that we should worry about, and is still a tablet model Almost 10 inches manageable, comfortable and relatively thin and light.


If compared to the competition, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, with whom it competes in price, gives a review in dimensions (same inches and only 5.6 mm thick and less than 400 grams in weight) but the Korean model Something short on battery. And I think in this margin of dimensions and price, I prefer 2-3 hours more battery than 70 grams less weight.

IPad (2017)
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Precisely whoever it seems an offense that an iPad in 2017 back almost 4 year’s design years, you can try to console yourself with an extra surprise: an increase in battery capacity up to 32.9 hr. As we will see, that makes the new iPad maintain a figure of autonomy that is one of its strengths.

The other specs are well known

the A9 which debuted on the previous generation of iPhone, 2GB of RAM and options of 32GB and 128GB in terms of internal memory. On a tablet the internal space is critical (and more if Apple does not support expansion with microSD) so thank you that Apple has not taken advantage of the price reduction to return to the basic 16 GB iPad Air 2.

The trick again is that the best option, 64 GB, are not available. That means one thinks more about making the jump to the top model, with 128 GB, and thereby deliver more money to Apple in return.

Finally, you should know that there is a Touch ID sensor, which works fast, but not connector for accessories, so if you want to use keyboards you will have to conform to the classics by third-party Bluetooth.

Performance has never been a problem

A processor that is not the last available for tablets and 2 GB of RAM. What could be a bottleneck for the performance of a tablet, is not inconvenient for this iPad (2017). In both the iPhone and iPad, the numbers have never mattered when compared to the competition, and in this tablet performance is not a commitment you should assume for a price cut.

IPad (2017)
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Compared with the iPad Pro, for example, Geek Bench data logically leave it below, while with iPad Air 2 is slightly above. If we stick to 3DMark data, in Sling Shot Extreme we have marked an average of 2002 points.

Beyond numbers, this combination of processor and RAM has shown us that most applications that one hopes to use with this iPad, whether games, intense web browsing or even multimedia creation with Garageband or Pixelmator, unfold with ease.

Although I am not fond of using the camera of a tablet to take pictures, the quality of the sensor 8 MP main camera (which does not reach the iPad Pro either, 12 MP and better technology) supports playing pretty with photographic editing on the tablet, for what pixel density and good color reproduction, are of great help.

Excellent Autonomy

The second section where Apple has always been a reference in the tablet sector is autonomy. The iPad (2017) reaffirms and even leaves us better taste than with previous models. Its battery of more capacity allows you to surpass the autonomy that we had measured up to now in the tablet sector of this level.

The best thing about the iPad (2017) is that it does not support discussion as a classic tablet: performance, good screen and above all, excellent battery

In continuous use, we speak of multimedia playback, with 50% brightness and Wi-Fi connectivity (although local content), the average use has been left at 11 o’clock. Then, during the day today, with an hour of video playback and a couple more web browsing / social networks and some game, we can be in 3-4 days without loading the tablet.

The less positive side is precisely in that battery capacity that makes the charge very long. From zero to 50%, the iPad (2017) takes 97 minutes. For a full charge, we must use about 4 hours.

A step back in the multimedia aspect

Although the point of the thicker and heavier design does not worry me if it reduces the price of the equipment, I do not think the same thing with the screen. It is perhaps the critical component of a tablet and, while it is a screen that looks great, there is a reduction in performance to lower the price.

It cannot be said that the screen of the new iPad (2017) does not look good. But it has left by the way what made it the best of the market

For starters, the screen of the new iPad has an IPS panel without laminating, which is already a feeling of inferior quality to watch. But also, touching it, because it leaves the touch a kind of rebound and response not so immediate as with a laminated screen.

IPad (2017)
image source: google

The screen of the iPad (2017) is not as spectacular at first sight as the iPad Air 2 or even the True Tone iPad Pro. It does not have the P3 color profile (less fidelity) or with anti-reflective coating. And despite that, it looks really good, something that luckily Apple has always looked after in its products.

Apple has put an improvement to the screen at the level of brightness. There are 500 units that give this panel, not very different from the maximum brightness we obtained with the iPad Air 2 at first sight, so it is still quite spectacular in view but not enough to give us a good experience in the exterior, especially for the anti-reflective layer that it ignores.

 Resolution of iPad 2017

In the iPad (2017) the resolution is the usual and minimal that we should require a mid-range tablet: 2048×1536 pixels. With that density and, we repeat, the panel looks pretty good, content playback remains one of the strengths of the iPad. However, that price reduction has taken with us the fabulous stereo speakers of the iPad Pro and to which we had become accustomed. Now you have to reconcile with the stereo classics but located at the bottom, correct but without highlighting.

Of everything that the screen of the iPad (2017) is left behind to lower the price, non-lamination of the panel is what makes differences

The IPS panel of this iPad (2017) is also left along the way support for the Apple Pencil. A priori it seems logical that this functionality is limited to the Pro models, while the user seems to be different and can establish a clearer separation between the affordable consumer iPad and the more professional. In any case, in this iPad can continue to use third party pencils without a problem.

Apple is a tablet

At the software level, the new iPad keeps everything positive from iOS. Comes with the latest version, the 10, so it is not a novelty precisely. The most remarkable thing is that we have the huge and complete ecosystem of applications, of quite quality in many cases.

But in the middle of 2017 and already with iOS 10, also maintains the iron lock of Apple to the possibility to use several profiles in the equipment. On a tablet so familiar as this, that a simple fingerprint personalizes applications depending on who puts your finger or password, it is tremendously powerful, comfortable and safe. And now, wasted.

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