How to install WhatsApp on tablet without sim

How to install WhatsApp on tablet without sim?

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You bought a new Android tablet and cannot wait to get your hands on to start hacking a bit: Facebook, some apps to work, Skype, Candy Crush Saga, WhatsApp … no, wait a minute. Take a quick look at the Play Store and you realize that it does not let you download, and then install, WhatsApp. In this article, we talk about how to install WhatsApp on tablet without sim.

How to install WhatsApp on tablet without sim?

How to install WhatsApp on tablet without sim

The answer is simple, you probably have a model that does not support 3G. The 3G module is the one that allows the tablet to have telephone functionality, that is, that predisposes a SIM card reader to be used just like a smartphone. Keep reading: Speed ​​up the pc with windows defrag

It goes without saying that, to install WhatsApp on tablets in the traditional way, you need to have one with these features, because WhatsApp needs a phone number to create the account that will allow you to download its application on your tablet.

And if I have a WiFi tablet?

Quiet, your tablet is not cramped, you simply have in your hands a WiFi-only version, which then allows you to surf leaning on a wireless network and not a data connection deriving from the SIM card.

So I cannot install WhatsApp on a tablet?

You can easily install WhatsApp on 3G tablets, but today I want to explain a way to install WhatsApp on WiFi tablets!

How to install WhatsApp on tablet without sim

  1. WhatsApp on Wifi tablet: get the apk

First of all, you need to have a mobile phone number to which a WhatsApp account has never been associated because we will need it to create the account and to install the app on the tablet.

The first step to install WhatsApp on WiFi tablet is to download the application apk on your PC: you have to connect from a computer to the official site of WhatsApp and get the latest version of the APK. The file that we are going to download will be, in fact, a file with the extension “.apk”.

Note: you need to perform this step from the PC because, going from the tablet directly to the WhatsApp site and trying to download, you will be directed to the Play Store. The site recognizes the device from which we are connected and returns to the application store, and from here we will be unable to continue, finding ourselves point and head.

If you do not have a handy computer, you can have the WhatsApp apk file sent to you by a friend who has been able to download it to your computer and then proceed with the procedure.

How to install WhatsApp on tablet without sim

  1. Starting installation

Once you get the apps file of WhatsApp on your tablet, you need to go to the settings of the same and under the “Security” check the item “Unknown sources, allow installation of applications from sources other than Play Store”.

This step is necessary to install WhatsApp on your tablet because, in case the above item is not selected, Android would not allow you to install applications from other sites other than the Play Store.

This is a preventive security measure, to prevent the user from installing malicious applications for the device, but in this case, we can be sure because we downloaded the apk directly from the official site of WhatsApp: it is safe.

At this point, open the famous file apk and, when the number to be connected to WhatsApp will be required, you can enter the number provided before starting the whole operation.

  1. The association to a number

Once you have entered the phone number – which must not already be connected to another WhatsApp account – we can confirm and wait for an SMS to be sent to the number in question. The message will communicate the code to install WhatsApp on the tablet.

In the event that there are problems with the reception of the SMS, you can choose to receive a phone call during which an entry will repeat the code to be entered more than once.

  1. Installation of WhatsApp on WiFi tablets

From here on, you will have to wait for the procedure to run its course to successfully install WhatsApp on WiFi tablets: at the end of the operation, you can choose a profile picture so that your friends can easily recognize you, and immediately afterwards you are in the classic WhatsApp screen, ready to start messaging with friends!

WhatsApp problems on WiFi tablets

How to install WhatsApp on tablet without sim

Since this way “forced” the installation of a native application for smartphones or tablets with telephone functions, we must take into account the fact that WhatsApp on WiFi tablet will not have a phone book at its disposal.

The result of this lack is that you will not be able to contact friends for the first time, but you’ll have to wait for them to start the first chat to be able to exchange text messages. In this way, in fact, when they will be the first to write you on WhatsApp, you will receive the message and you can save the name and then contact him as often as you want.

With this short guide I have shown you a method to have WhatsApp on WiFi tablet in a few steps, which will allow you to messaging with friends of WhatsApp even if your tablet does not have telephone capabilities.

What do you think of this method? Do you know other ways to install WhatsApp on WiFi Tablets? You might also like:

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