Infidelity Can you overcome?

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The Mayo Clinic in the United States offered a study in which you can know how to act before a couple infidelity.  For many people, the infidelity of the other means the end of their relationship. The fact of imagining the love of his life in the arms of a third party, make his decision permanent. ” if he/she is unreliable to me, I separate”.

But, according to the respected Mayo Clinic, in the United States, although infidelity generates a lot of pain for couples, it can be continued and overcome. How? Understanding the concept and taking action on it.

What is infidelity?

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According to the prestigious institution, infidelity cannot be easily defined. “There are many factors that can contribute to infidelity, some of which are not primarily about sex. Some factors stem from individual problems, such as low self-esteem, alcoholism or sexual addiction. The marital problems that have been growing for years can also fuel an adventure.”

When an infidelity is discovered in a couple, both people experience various feelings, including anger, guilt, depression, and others. Therefore, it is important to follow the following steps to handle infidelity with assertiveness:

Do not make hasty decisions

If you think that you could physically hurt yourself or your partner, it is best to seek professional help immediately.

Give time

The discovery of an infidelity can be an intense moment and, therefore, the person affected could act erratically in their attempt to understand what has happened. It takes a “waiting time” to act with the cold head without hurting any person.

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Seek support

Share your feelings with trusted friends, loved ones, a spiritual leader or counselor. So, you can understand what you feel.

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Take your time

At first, it is best to avoid delving into the intimate details of the infidelity story with your partner. Do not pour salt into the wound.

To heal after an infidelity

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Recovering from an adventure is a difficult and long process. Even so, “it is possible for a marriage to survive – and even better – after an adventure.” According to the Mayo Clinic, the following measures point directly to the healing of a couple who has gone through an infidelity:

  • Be responsible: Whoever has been unfaithful must take responsibility for their actions. Thus, you must end the adventure, and leave all interaction or communication with the person involved.
  • Be Honest: When the initial shock is over, you should openly discuss what happened, no matter how difficult it is to talk or hear about it.
  • Consult a marriage counselor: Seek the help of a licensed therapist who is specifically trained in couple therapy and experienced in dealing with infidelity.  Couples therapy can help put the issue into perspective, identify issues that might have contributed to the adventure, learn how to rebuild and strengthen your relationship, and avoid divorce – if that is your mutual goal.
  • Forgiving: Infidelity is an emotionally devastating act. Forgiveness is not likely to come quickly or easily, but it may be easier over time. To forgive, it is necessary to keep in mind that forgiveness does not mean forgetting what happened. To learn more about forgiveness, visit the following article.

The research resolves that Not all marriages affected by infidelity can – or should – be saved. Sometimes too much damage has been done or reconciliation remains elusive. If both are committed to rebuilding their relationship and there are the strength and determination to do the task, the reward can be a relationship that grows in depth, honesty, and intimacy.

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