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Ideas to play in the park

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Spending the afternoon in the park offers infinite possibilities of fun: they do physical exercise, they develop their skill, their manual ability.

The parents also greatly appreciate the outdoors. After a full afternoon of games in the park, and after a good bath, our son will sleep fast and relaxed.

What can and cannot do?

At two years of age, the musculature is developed enough that they can swing themselves on the swing or are thrown from a slide.

play in the park
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Between two and three years, there can be many differences between one child and another. We adults should measure the personality and development of each and not let go if we feel tense when clinging to the swing.

Children two to three years old want to play with the elders, but sometimes the elders do not want to play with them. It is not necessary to force the older ones to integrate such a small child into their activities, but if he leaves them to admit him, the little one will feel especially stimulated by all that his admired majors can do and, imitate them, he will advance.

Games for children

Bucket, shovel, rake and molds

With the sand of the park, in the absence of the beach, we will have to settle for castles on the ground floor. We can also use animal molds and feed them sticks, flowers.

play in the park
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The children will love that we collaborate with them teaching them to fill the cube, turn it around without spreading anything and then, congratulate them for whatever appears when we remove the mold.

To give a special touch we can adorn the figure with the help of leaves and branches. Of course, you have to be careful because at these ages they still want to take everything to their mouths.

We must maintain vigilance at all times because sometimes our parks and green areas are not as neat as they should be and there may be cigarette butts or crystals.

With these simple sand games, we are enhancing their fine psychomotricity, which will serve them in the future for writing, for example.

Swings, slides, tunnels

It is increasingly common for parks to have swung with a simple fastening system that has a back and belt and allows balancing quietly the little ones. Although, generally, with two years they have enough development to swing alone.

play in the park
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It is best not to climb to slides of more than one meter in height if they do not have a railing, and if they have one, it must be of two heights, so that no small one can sneak and fall by the bottom.

As for the installations that have some kind of bridges with planks distant from each other, they can cross them with our supervision. Another thing is the rings that can be hung: experts still consider them small for them.

In many parks, there are circuits with tunnels, slopes, etc. If they are of low difficulty, the children of these ages can cross them. To get double the game, we can ask them to tell us what they are going to face the next obstacle: to surround it, to jump it, to pass underneath, above.

If the route we choose for them is very simple and they get bored after two minutes, a good idea is to propose that they move between obstacles by jumping like the frog, the kangaroo or galloping.

Jump the river

We need a rope, a hoop or anything else to mark the imaginary river. We play as we walk quietly through a forest and find rivers, stones and all kinds of unforeseen. It is about jumping the river without wetting the feet, jumping the rock without touching it, etc. It is a perfect game to teach children to jump correctly:

Jogging with the arms

play in the park
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Slightly flexing the legs when falling to dampen the impact.

Separating the feet, a little.

We will have to put several obstacles in order to keep us playing for 4 or 5 minutes before stopping to rest from such a jump. When you take practice, we can incorporate variations:

  • Clap hands in the air as they jump.
  • Give half a twist on the jump.
  • Try to land on one foot.

Chase the shade

It needs a spacious place and a sunny day. It’s a couple‚Äôs game. One has to catch, stepping, the shadow of the other, who will try to avoid it by walking, moving … Then we exchange the papers. To avoid blows or falls, it will suffice that who ‘traps shadows’ screamed ‘already’ when he is in the shadow of the other.


The great joke of the games, a great fun of children and adults. Some will prefer to kick, and others, pass it with the hands to the parents. Anything goes. It is convenient:

  • Choosing a good site is important: away from the passage of bicycles, strollers and, of course, vehicles.
  • Neither should it fall into ponds, wells, etc.
  • Handling with a ball is not easy when you have less than three years, so the surface should be comfortable for falls and trips.

Although not very common, some outdoor areas have small basketball courts adapted to these heights.

Hiding place

It is still small for the ‘traditional hideaway’, but there are fun variations: he closes his eyes and we hide the ball somewhere in the room. Note that:

  • The limits must be well marked.
  • Do not put it difficult because you will get tired of looking.
  • If necessary, we will cheat and store the object in similar places.
  • Applaud each time you find it.

Then, it is he who, while we cover our eyes, look for a good hiding place (nine out of ten times will repeat the place).

If we are going to play hiding or them, we must bear in mind that they may feel distressed if we delay in finding them or if they do not see us.

A good idea is to hide in pairs, with a friend.

Discover nature

Collecting a good bouquet of wild flowers for dad or mom is a good way to make the child enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.

play in the park
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We will teach you which rules to respect: Many areas of the lawn cannot be stepped on and many flowers cannot be started.

What flowers are called, what mom will think when she sees them, where she will put them at home.

In the park also live ants, birds. Our children begin to fascinate by these creatures.

It is important that we teach them to be cautious, but not afraid because if we are afraid of them, we can transmit it to them.

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