Ice cream vans are going out of business because of windows

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The familiar chime of the ice cream van is a sound that we all grew up with, but better-quality windows could be one of the reasons the ice cream man is a dying breed.

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Properties with modern windows benefit from better soundproofing and insulation, but this also means you can hear less from outside, including the ice cream van coming down the street.

There are also other factors contributing to the decline of local ice cream sellers, such as EU emission rules, which mean that carbon-producing vehicles have been taken off the roads, and changes in our shopping habits. However, the Ice Cream Association puts a large amount of the blame on triple glazing.

Decline of the ice cream man

In the 1970s there were 250,000 ice-cream vans operating throughout the UK, but this figure has dropped to just 2,500 as many sellers have been forced out of business. Children don’t always hear the chimes of the van – even if it’s just outside the house – so there are fewer people purchasing from them, making the business less viable. This will mean the average ice cream man will need to give their numbers to their Gloucester Accountants service at sites like and get them to calculate the numbers on weather to continue the business or not.
The benefits of new windows

If you’re looking to install new triple or double glazing in Leicester, blocking out the sound of the ice cream van shouldn’t put you off, as the significant benefits you’ll gain will more than make up for this. The Glass and Glazing Federation views new windows as indispensable. In addition to being more energy efficient, they also offer better value, security and reliability.

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Enhanced security

When you’re looking at new windows, one of the key benefits is the extra protection that they’ll provide for your property. Modern frames are extremely durable and strong, and the glazing that is used is typically impossible to take out from the exterior.

More reliable

Older windows can require a lot of maintenance, particularly after the winter weather. However, new UPVC windows are weather-resistant and have great longevity, so they can last for up to 30 years without deteriorating in quality.

Value for money

The durability and longevity provides excellent value for money, and installing double glazing will more than pay for the investment. If you’re thinking about selling your property in the future, they can even add value to it and make it more appealing to buyers.

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