how to use a portable battery charger

Portable battery charger: how to use a portable battery charger

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When you look for a quick and convenient way to recharge your smartphone wherever you are you can take advantage of different devices: in the article, we’ll clarify how to use a portable battery charger. You have finally decided to make that trip out of town that you have been waiting for a long time, and after all, spend some time in the middle of nature is always a panacea for everyone, especially if in recent times you feel more stressed at work.

How to use a portable battery charger?

Portable battery charger

1) Connect the cable supplied with the Power Bank to a charge source equipped with a USB socket; this can be a computer’s USB port or a wall-mounted power supply.

2) insert the other end of the cable to the micro USB of the Power Bank.

When connecting for charging the red LED will light up ( Power bank red light ). The LED will turn off or it will turn blue or green (depending on the models) when the charging is complete. The most powerful models (over 2600 mah ) will also take over 5-6 hours for the full charge, especially the first time. Some models that we have in the catalog, are equipped with a scale of LED lights that indicate the progressive state of charge. Keep reading: Speed ​​up the pc with windows defrag

Once you’ve recharged your portable charger for the first time, it’s time to put it to the test: just plug in the cable you use to charge your smartphone to its USB socket, and insert the opposite end into the micro USB port of your smartphone.

At this point, the game is done: the phone will begin to recharge as if it were normally connected to the mains through the wall socket.

Charge phone with powerbank

But a real for how to use a portable battery charger is not such without some photos that immortal the beauties you are observing closely. Take the smartphone, access the camera, and begin to clog the external memory by dint of continuous shots. After all, you thought that sharing photos of a lot of natural beauty on Facebook to share the moment with your contacts!

But you have not considered that among the many open apps that run in the background to update you on incoming notifications, the always active connection, the GPS to not get lost between the paths and the camera in use, the battery loses autonomy and strength to keep your smartphone on.

At this point, there are two possible implications of the matter:

Continue to watch the display of your smartphone terrified while waiting for the last beep to be exhausted before switching off. Take out a portable battery charger from your backpack and continue blessed to enjoy your day.

What is a portable charger?

Portable charger

A portable battery charger is nothing more than an electric charge accumulator, which manages to store energy up to its maximum capacity, and can then be used if necessary. A sort of extra battery, therefore, that will allow you to move in mobility without the fear of remaining without a mobile phone – a holy hand in case of need.

Portable chargers are generally small in size, small to be easily transported, and have more or less the same characteristics. A portable charger, in fact, is a parallelepiped-shaped device, a box in short, but can have rounded profiles or not according to the design established by the manufacturers.

In principle, a portable charger presents:

USB and micro USB sockets, to charge your devices or to recharge;

Led indicators of the status of the residual autonomy;

Power on and off button.

At this point you are wondering:

“Well, instead of just one device, then I should load two?”

Yes, but with the not inconsiderable advantage of having extra energy when needed wherever you are. In addition, a portable battery charger does not have to be recharged every day due to its nature of accumulator – considering the relative frequency of use.

How to choose the best portable charger?

how to use a charger

Before launching to buy a portable charger, there are some aspects to be evaluated for a successful purchase, such as:

  • The necessary power;
  • The size of the charger;
  • The weight of the power bank.

First of all, you have to determine how much power you need: as already mentioned above, there are portable chargers for every need, and this also applies to the capacity of the battery.

To find out which portable charger is right for your needs, you need to know the battery capacity of the devices to be recharged: will you need it more for a smartphone or a tablet?

Of course, it is a tablet needs more energy to recharge due to the larger size, but the differences also exist between smartphones. So try to discover the capacity of your battery by doing a Google search of the model in your possession: in this way you can also orient yourself on the number of top-ups that can supply your power bank (bearing in mind that this is not a merely mathematical matter).

In addition, the portability factor often has a major impact on choice: do you need a portable charger to keep in your jacket or bag? Or even one that can find room in your 24-hour briefcase? Depending on the answer, you can choose a smaller, pocket-sized model, or a slightly bulky and heavy one.

Which one to buy?

Which portable charger to buy

I have chosen for you 3 models of as many manufacturers:

  • Anker
  • RAVpower
  • Aukey

Whatever your choice among the following models will be well done: these are three of the most popular brands on Amazon in the industry, each with different characteristics, capacity and size to meet (almost) all needs.

The first on the list is a small and handy portable battery charger to carry with you, equipped with 1 USB port to charge the smartphone with PowerIQ technology: the power bank will recognize by itself the type of device connected to deliver the maximum power required.

Astro E1 has a capacity of 5200 mAh, necessary in case of emergency to revive your exhausted smartphone, and thanks to the practically led indicators you will always know what the remaining autonomy of the device is.

With a rounded design and a glossy body, the Anker Astro E1 is only 9.7 x 4.3 x 2.3 centimeters in size and weighs 119 grams overall.

Do you need more power?

how to use a battery charger

Evaluate this 10400 mAh RAVpower: compact and handy, this portable charger allows you to charge two devices simultaneously through the two integrated USB ports, and thanks to the iSmart technology recognize the connected device by delivering the right amount of energy. You can use it for both smartphone and tablet, but it is not advisable to keep it in a pocket, given the dimensions 13.9 x 5.7 x 2.2 cm and the weight of 181 grams.


When your devices are really hungry for energy, get a 20000 mAh Aukey. We thanks to its two USB ports can recharge two devices at the highest speed thanks to AiPower technology. It is necessary for how to use a portable battery charger. A little cumbersome, it is not suitable to be kept in your pocket. It measures well 16.2 x 10.4 x 3 cm for 358 grams total. And what portable charger do you prefer among those just mentioned? You may also read:

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