travel safely in Egypt

How to travel safely in Egypt?

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An independent trip to Egypt: how to organize a trip in 2018, what are the prices for hotels, food, and transportation? Tips and reviews of tourists, recommendations for travel safely in Egypt.

Egypt is the country where they prefer to travel by ticket. However, in the light of the sad events that occurred at the end of 2017. The temporary termination of air travel with the Arab Republic, many tourists thought about how to travel to Egypt independently. We tried to highlight all the main points of such a journey – what you need to know when going on a trip.

The prices indicated in the article are current at the time of publication.

Exchange rates for September 2018:

1 $ ≈ 17.4 Egyptian pounds (EGP).

travel safely in Egypt
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How to get to Egypt by yourself?

When they allow trips to Egypt, many people ask this question. But the fact is that no one even banned them. The US Foreign Ministry only recommended refraining from traveling to this country in connection with terrorist acts. Direct flights were canceled, and until the air communication between the USA and the Republic is renewed, it is possible to get with only one or two transplants. For most US cities, flights to Egypt are expensive.

Where can I find cheap tickets? Do it most conveniently with the help of online E-ticketing system. To find the best price, book tickets for different dates. Read also the instructions on how to search for cheap air tickets.

How to book a hotel in Egypt independently?

The country has a lot of good hotels and hostels – in the range of $13-18 per day for two in the center of Cairo (for example, Kings Palace Hotel Cairo 4 *). In Hurghada, prices start from $13 for two, but there are very few such offers, much more hotels in the range of $19-30 (for example, Triton Empire Inn 2 *). In Sharm el-Sheikh, you can also find a room for $8, but mostly good rooms are offered for 16-40 $ (Falcon Hills Hotel 3 *).

Tips on how to choose and book a hotel in Egypt yourself:

Remember that the Egyptian hotel rating does not match the anyone.

It may well be that you will be offered not quite the number that you booked – in this case, ask to change it.

Before arrival, make sure that everything in the room is in good order so that when you are evicted you will not be billed.

We recommend to book only hotels with many good reviews – you can find them on the google and customize the search on your own.

Valuable things are better in the room do not leave, lock in the safe.

If you want home comfort, rent a room, an apartment or a house on the famous Airbnb service – there are a lot of interesting and sometimes even exotic offers! This is especially beneficial for families or friends. In Cairo, you can rent an apartment from $12 per day for two, a lot of good options for $20-35 (the average price is $78), in Hurghada you can find apartments from $ 20, in Sharm el-Sheikh – from $13, but this is a rarity, mostly for $40 or more (the average price is $59). When renting for a long period is usually cheaper.

travel safely in Egypt
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Transport in Egypt

Between cities, you can travel by airplanes, buses, and trains. In addition, there are shuttle buses, where you need to negotiate the price of the fare (bargain), it is better to write it down. But in buses usually, prices and schedules are fixed.

According to feedback, the train is one of the most convenient ways to travel to Egypt. It is better to take tickets to the first class since in the cars of this type there are air conditioners. Remember that trains are usually not punctual. It is better to buy a ticket in advance. The site of the railways.

In Cairo, there is a metro. The Nile can be moved by boat, and there is also a ferry between Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh.

With regard to road transport, the tourists came to a common opinion that the concept of driving in Egypt is peculiar, so you need to be careful and cautious on the roads, especially if you decide to rent a car. The road surface is not always good and leaves much to be desired, warning signs are not installed everywhere. If you decide to rent a car, then use the convenient service to find the best price among the popular rental companies – Skyscanner Car Hire.

Prices in Egypt for food and transport in 2017

The cost of products in stores is quite low: for example, a package of milk (1 liter) costs about $1, a loaf of bread – $0.5-0.7, kilograms of oranges about $0.5 per kg. Local fruits and vegetables are cheap, import – more expensive. If you love and know how to bargain well (and also know the real prices), you can buy products in the markets, if not – in the supermarket’s prices are acceptable.

travel safely in Egypt
Foods in Egypt

According to tourists, household chemicals and other goods are better to buy in stores. Buying souvenirs and gifts, mercilessly bargain, try to bring down the price 2-3 times – the seller at a loss will not be exactly. You can also plan to visit Washington DC with your family.

Eat in an inexpensive restaurant can be for $3-5 per person, a lunch of three dishes in a restaurant of an average price category will cost $20-23 for two. In the local cafe, you can find very cheap food – from $ 1 to $ 5 for a dish (in Cairo, for example), but in Sharm El Sheikh is much more expensive, because the city is completely focused on holidaymakers.

The prices for travel in transport are as follows: minibusses in Hurghada – about 1 Egyptian pound, metro in Cairo – $ 0.11, bus from the airport to the center of Cairo – $0.22-0.34, 3 km taxi in Cairo – from 0, 80 to 1 $. Taxi drivers in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh arrogant, do not use the counter, prices are 2-3 times higher, and sometimes even more. In order not to be deceived, use trusted taxi companies, for example, KiwiTaxi or GetTransfer.

Tips and feedback from tourists, safety

Going to Egypt on your own in 2017, you need to remember about security, in particular about the terrorist threat. Also, according to tourists’ reviews for 2016, in Egypt, you need to be very careful, because enterprising Arabs are trying their best to cash in on tourists. “Divorce” vacationers can be very different – from trivial to ingenious methods. Here are the most common tips and recommendations for tourists on safe holidays in Egypt:

  • Always carefully recalculate the change.
  • Pay only after providing the service or receiving the goods.
  • Beware of pickpockets and keep money with documents closer to the body.
  • Desperately bargain.
  • Do not leave valuable things in the hotel and put them in the safe (at the same time there are also responses that the staff in the safe substitutes money for fake ones).
  • Watch out for towels and things left by the pool and on the beach – staff can steal them (for a lost towel it is supposed to pay a fine).
  • Girls should beware of the Arabs – there may be harassment on their part.
  • Women and children on the streets ask for “baksheesh” – a donation.
  • If the seller calls you to drink a cup of tea or he will try to persuade you to buy something in his store (even if before he assured otherwise). Do not waste time on it, it’s better to politely refuse.
  • Taxi drivers are a special category, you need to be very careful with them. According to the reviews of tourists, agree on the price in advance, it is better to fix it on paper. Pay better local currency. The taxi driver can press on pity and beg for money, bring in the wrong place, try to deceive – in this case, it is better to immediately threaten the police (or call, in especially severe cases). Personally, I never had problems with taxi drivers.
  • Arabs riding bikes can tear bags off their shoulders – be careful, we almost got a bag pulled out of us.
  • Before traveling, collect the first aid kit and arrange insurance. Wear a hat and sunglasses, use sunscreen.
  • Girls should not walk in open clothes around the city.

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