How to Remove Oil Spots

How to Remove Oil Spots

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Forget about putting your hands to your head when you see a stain of oil on your tablecloth or your favorite shirt. With this home remedy, easy and based on ingredients that you surely have at home will remain as new.

As much as the oil you use is anti-drip, however much you use the apron to avoid splashes, no matter how careful you have on the table … sooner or later the oil stain will make an appearance in your life and your clothes. They are one of the most common stain types and also one of the most difficult to remove. So far of course.

Whether it’s on the tablecloth, t-shirt or trousers, in this video you have an infallible, home-made and super-easy trick so that the fat does not spoil your clothes or home textiles. Remember or keep this article handy, because it is likely that very soon you have to implement this remedy.

What do you need?



Talcum powder

Fat salt

Bowl for mixing

Spoon to remove the pasta

Step by step

Step 1

Mix talcum powder with salt. Pour the water and mix until it forms a paste.

How to Remove Oil Spots

Step 2

Apply the paste on the oil stain and rub it gently with a brush so the mixture absorbs the oil.

How to Remove Oil Spots
Rub with brush

Step 3

Wash the garment according to the manufacturer’s instructions (in the washing machine or by hand) and when drying it you will see how it has disappeared.

How to Remove Oil Spots
Washing machine

Goodbye lipstick stains


Goodbye lipstick stains

At last, the dreaded oil stains will be just another anecdote. The best thing about this trick is that you can use products that you already have at home. Enjoy your salads and forget to be suffering for your mantel every time you sit at the table. Can you give me the oil?

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