How to optimize the site for search engines

How to optimize the site for search engines correctly? Get Answers

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This time we’ll look at the basic requirements to help you get started with the best way you can optimize the site for search engines.

At the end of this article you will be able to optimize the site for search engines with:

  • Choose the right keywords for your website.
  • Ensure that search engines understand the content of your pages, and Start earning links from other websites (backlinking).

All of these elements will help you build the solid foundation for your search engine optimization plan or SEO plan. Continue reading: Mobile phone is stolen, what now? We show it!

How to optimize the site for search engines

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the process of improving your website to attract more visitors from the search engines. It is an essential part of the first stage of the Inbound Methodology. It helps you attract strangers who are looking for relevant content to your business from the search engines and turn them into new visitors to your website.

So, to understand SEO, we need to think about how people find the information today. Let’s say that someone hears about the movement of the mini house, a fashion that is emerging all over the country where people reduce their life to a space of 60 m2 and wants to learn more on how to build one for themselves.

How would someone who wants to find this information do it? The highest probability is that you go to the Internet and look for your doubt in a search engine, like Google. And they are very likely to be specific in their quest. They could write: “How to build a mini house on wheels?” Or “Tools needed to build a mini house.”

Google receives more than 3.3 billion searches every day from people who have doubts and problems and are looking to solve them. Search engines need to deliver the most relevant, useful results from a trusted source. To find them, send what are known as ‘ spiders ‘ or ‘web crawlers ‘, and send them to track all the sites on the Web, searching for that content.

Those spiders try to understand what each page is about. That’s why having solid and consistent SEO foundation is essential to be found by search engines. They need to know what you are trying to tell them.

Of all these data, they create a list of results that are relevant and useful to the user. They then give a ranking to those results based on the popularity and authority of those websites.

Aspects to Take into Account to optimize the site for search engines

It takes time to really write a great content that of information of value to the reader. Write, first for the users and then optimize the site for search engines.

This effort will surely be rewarded, your readers will share your work generating additional links, which will become additional traffic and will help you optimize your website, this will make search engines recognize that you have a quality article, flowing naturally without too many keywords.

How to optimize the site for search engines

Write an interesting article, that’s the key to people wanting to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks. In a few days, you will notice that you have more followers who like to read each article you publish and faithfully share it with your friends, making a bigger network every time.

In addition to common social networks, consider submitting your content to sites like Reddit, Delicious, Digg and other content networks that can win a few readers. We recommend illustrating your articles with flashy images that closely relate to reading, always adding a descriptive text to the attributes: title, subtitle, alternative text, description.

You can also put keywords in “bold” and add links to your homepage and other relevant content on your site.

How to get trusted links to optimize the site for search engines?

Even if your website is new to the internet, it is important that you investigate some natural links that you could get, the following strategy is something that has worked very well and that you can put into practice today.

How to optimize the site for search engines

All service companies have optimized web pages that link to their suppliers, whether accountants, lawyers, construction companies, real estate, etc. You can take advantage of this by contacting your suppliers to organize an exchange of links: motivate them to put your logo in the client’s section with a link to your site and as a thank, you create a section of “providers” on your page with their respective link. The process requires little time, some emails and calls, but it can give you great benefits.

Manual to do SEO audits

The links on that page are “spiders” of search engines follow to determine the structure of your website. Most likely, the text used in the links is being considered to determine which page is being treated. So, use a good “anchor text” that describes your link. All of the above points are legal for Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

The more visits you have to a website, the higher your ranking will be. Rank is what you see when you get the result of a search in the search engine. In Google, for example, the first 1 to 4 results are paid ads through Google AdWords, and the rest of the ads appear down the page.

To determine if any results of your search are paid or not, look for the green icon that says “ad”. These websites are paying for Google to show them as the first results in the searches. Under the paid ads, you’ll be seeing the top 10 organic or unpaid results, which contain the most popular and relevant answers.

As a marketer or business owner, your goal is to be listed above organic results because let’s face it, most people just click on the first results they see. In fact, 94% of searchers click on the first result that appears and less than 6% actually clicks on the second result.

How do you make it appear in the first place of the results in a search engine?

Well, that’s when Inbound Marketing comes in. You need to understand what your prospects are looking for so you can make sure they find your website. So, It’s essential to do optimize the site for search engines correctly. Make real content with correct information that increases your dwell time. Create quality links from authority sites. Be aware of keyword stuffing.

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